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Gruesome! Something unknown bit off this shark’s 100-kg head!


Canberra, March 29: There is an entire world of mystery beneath the earth's water bodies. Some of those mysteries are indeed gruesome as one fisherman in Australia recently discovered.

Gruesome! Something unknown bit off this shark’s 100-kg head!

Trapman Bermagui or Jason recently went out fishing in his boat and found the head of a mako shark in the depths off the coast of Sydney, New South Wales. According to a report in Lad Bible, the head, weighing 100 kilograms, was clearly bitten off and that gave rise to the question: What on earth could bit off the giant head of a shark?

Jason later posted the gruesome picture on his Facebook page and captioned it: "So this was all we got back of this monster mako. Unfortunately we didn't see what ate it but must of [sic] been impressive!! The head was about 100kg."

This sea creature is following the scuba divers like a lost puppy... cute

"It was a crazy morning of shark fishing. Hoping to catch smaller sharks but just hooked big sharks that got eaten by bigger sharks again."

Mako sharks are no Lilliputs and can grow up to a length of 12 feet and can weigh up to 570 kilograms. They are also one of the quickest shark species that can move at around 50 mph. To bite its head off is not child's play but there is certainly some creature below the sea water that can make the difficult task easy.

It is being suspected to be a white shark, a killer whale (orca) or a tiger shark but still, as we said, it remains a mystery.

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