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China: Kid reaches high-rise edge saying he doesn’t want to go to school; saved on time


Beijing, Oct 30: Sometimes, kids can create real crisis-like situations that even the best of emergency experts can find difficult to handle. Such a situation occurred in the city of Bijie in the Chinese province of Guizhou last week.

China: Kid reaches high-rise edge saying he doesn’t want to go to school; saved on time

As construction workers were riding on a crane above the streets of the city, they witnessed a dangerous picture. A kid was standing on the edge of a 33-story building and crying: "I don't want to go to school!" the Shanghaiist reported.

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The workers dialled the firefighters immediately and in a video that went viral on the country's social media, it was seen that a firefighter was clamly approaching the kid, talking to him casually while getting him firmly so that he didn't slip off. The firefighter then attached a harness and rope around the kid's waist so that he could be taken to safety.

The rescuer later said that the kid, aged eight, was completely drenched in sweat and trembling and was crying softly saying he did not want to go to school.

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China is known for its system that puts extreme pressure on its youngsters to do well in schools so that they can get good higher education. Many kids often break down under this pressure. Earlier this year, a 12-year-old kid in the country's Jiangxi province jumped from the 15th floor after failing to complete her winter-time homework. Fortunately, she landed on soft platform laid on the ground by the rescuers, suffering a slight injury to her ear, Shanghaiist added.

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