Brazil: Married couple faces bitter truth as both turn out to be brother-sister!

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Sao Paulo, August 8: In a bizarre case, a married couple got the shock of their life when they came to know about the bitter truth- that they both are brother and sister!

According to media reports, the couple, 39-year-old Adriana and 37-year-old Leandro, who are married from last seven years and have a 6-year-old daughter, were searching for their mother, from whom were abandoned, in their childhood.

The life turning twist came in couple's life when they got the news of their mother being found on Globo radio station, that reportedly specialises in finding lost relatives.

The first part of the news of their mother was good, but when they got to know that both have same mother, was an awkward and uncomfortable moment for both.

Couple has decided to continue their marriage and only death can separate them.

Globo radio, in its tweet said, "What would you do? Woman finds mother after 40 years and finds that she is married to her brother.

"Despite being struck with the revelation, both siblings have decided to continue their marriage", it said in another tweet.

Couple, who had assumed that hteir mother's name was name by destiny, has now decided to continue their marriage and only death can separate them.

Adriana is said to be a cosmetic saleswoman and Leandro is a truck driver.

As per Brazil's local media reports, their marriage is also being said to be may be a case of "Genetic sexual attraction", that can happen between opposite sex people, not aware of the fact that are relatives.

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