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IIMBue 2018: This was Sadhguru’s response, when Ranveer Singh called him a party animal

By Vikas
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Bengaluru, July 21: The debate between Isha Foundation's Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh left the audience mesmerised at the IIMBue 2018 Leadership Conclave on Saturday (July 21). The best part of the discussion was that there was no structure to it and both, the spiritual guru and the superstar, touched upon issues ranging from technology to ways to deal with problems of life.

“You are a party animal Guruji”: This is how Ranveer began debate with Sadhguru at IIMBue 2018

Ranveer was exuberant, brash, full of energy as expected while Sadhguru was calm, composed and calculated throughout the session, even to some of the quirky questions put forth by the actor. The two personalities on the podium on the second day of the Leadership Conclave seemed like opposite ends of a spectrum but yet the talk between them left the audience enraptured.

Ranveer welcomed Sadhguru with folded hands and immediately shot a question: "Do you dance Guruji? I am sure you do.. you are a party animal. I can dance for hours to psychedelic trance music."

Sadhguru smiled and said, "I dance to rhythm of life. Once you pulse of life you do not need music to dance. Bhava is an amalgamation of feelings, and Tala is pulse of life, if you find Bhava and Tala then you don't need music to dance."

This set the tone for rest of the debate and one was never sure what they would discuss upon next. The subjects they discussed kept changing like a meandering that that changes course.

Further dwelling on rhythm of life, Sadhguru said that happiness from dance and music can only be temporary. He pointed out how people can get caught in humdrum of daily life.

"Increasing intelligence has become an impediment. Unable to control intelligence is the root cause of all the anxiety, turmoil, restlessness in the current. Too many thoughts have trapped our mind. Instead of living in present we are worry about future and outcome of our actions. Get a sense of rhythm of life. Then you can sit silently and still feel ecstatic," he said.

Happy Dance !!! @sadhguru 🕊

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"Do what is needed and not what you fancy, and everything will be fine. We try to do a lot of things but are we doing what we can fully?" he asked.

Here are the excerpts from conversation between Ranveer and Sadhguru:

Ranveer: Guruji I heard you were in Russia for the football World Cup? What is your take on sports? Don't you think it is about one up man ship? Isn't it a quest to beat others?

Sadhguru: Yes, I was in Russia. I like football. Many asked me which team do you support and whom would you root for. I was there to root for football, it is an amazing game. Russia organised the entire tournament in an amazing way.

Winning is a desire and game is a process. The focus should always be on the process. If the process is right then the outcome would also be right. Desire should never become more important than process. I want to be better than you is a wrong approach. Explore full potential of who you are and do what you can in the best best possible way. If your focus is always on doing things better than others then you cannot enjoy success.

Ranveer: In Bollywood there is a lot of comparision. But I am trying my best to focus on doing what I do in the best possible manner. Guruji What is success?

Sadhguru: Success should be useful. Everything depends on how you define success. What good is it if it is not useful to life. You got to understand that life is a phenomenon and it is much bigger than intellect. Intellect is part of life and not the other way round. Intelligence has many diamensions, and we got to utilise it in order to make it useful.

Ranveer: The theme of the event is Sensing the future. What is your vision of the future, what is in in store in the future?

Sadhguru: Knowing the future will make life dull (Jokingly). If you know the future then you will stop working today. If you know exactly what will happen in future then you will become frustrated. Live in today, and the future will take care of itself. One is certain about everyone's future. At the end there will be a funeral.

People go to astrologers and ask when will they get married. They ask how will the marriage be. Do you really want a third person to tell you how you will be with your life.

Ranveer: Phones have changed the way we live, what is your take on it? What do you have to say about social media?

Sadhguru: Every machine is an extension of our capabilities. Every invention is an extension of our senses. Technology is a great enabler but what it has brought with it is compulsiveness. Gadgets have become new drugs now. Use technology when needed and stay away from compulsiveness.

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