Will Shiv Sena pull out Maharashtra govt? 'No chance', says BJP

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Mumbai, Oct 14: Will the Shiva Sena part ways with the BJP? Highly unlikely say sources in the BJP.

The Shiv Sena has everything to lose if it quits the coalition a senior leader of the BJP informed OneIndia on condition of anonymity.

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The Shiv Sena will continue to make noises and attempt to embarrass the BJP, but will not come out of the coalition that runs the state of Maharashtra, the BJP leader also pointed out.

Shiv Sena will not pull out:

The BJP leader says, "be in Parliament or the Maharashtra assembly the Shiv Sena will continue to ally with the BJP."

"There are noises that are being made to embarrass the BJP at every stage, but we have not got a single indication directly from the Shiv Sena that they will quit the alliance", the leader also informed.

The BJP on its part, will not make any move to pull out of the alliance. We can handle the situation. If the Shiv Sena pulls out there are parties which will come forward and support us the source also informed. The Shiv Sena is well aware of this and realises that the government in Maharashtra will continue to survive with or without its support.

The Shiv Sena has been carefully assessing the situation. It will fight local body elections on its own just to test the waters and for the sake of one upmanship. But pulling out of the coalition in Maharashtra is not an option that the Shiv Sena has explored.

Tough road ahead for BJP:

While the BJP has taken a conscious decision not to break the alliance, it is however aware that it will have to continue facing embarrassment thanks to its ally. On most occasions, the BJP leaders in Maharashtra have been advised to ignore the provocations and comments made by the Shiv Sena leaders.

However, if there is any incident that is threatening to disrupt law and order, then the BJP leadership has made it clear that the government in Maharashtra must act tough without any fear.

The BJP on the other would also assess the situation in the days to come. While it will continue to ignore the provocations, it would also need to take into account the credibility of the government.

"A coalition partners who makes allegations every single day does not go down too well with the people. The situation is being studied and we will find a way out of this", the BJP leader also informed.

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