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Why Rahul Gandhi constantly attacking Modi is political hara-kiri

By oneindia staff

New Delhi, June 13: It seems Congress president Rahul Gandhi has taken a leaf out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's book, as far as his attacks against his political opponents are concerned. In every meeting and rally, like Modi, Rahul too has been attacking his "bête noire".

If Modi is Rahul's 'biggest enemy', so is Rahul to Modi. The constant public display of hatred by Modi and Rahul against each other has stopped raising eyebrow anymore. Rather such hateful speeches have become yawn-inducing, putting even die-hard supporters of both Modi and Rahul to sleep.

rahul modi

Are both Modi and Rahul getting their speeches prepared by the same person? Or Rahul has simply decided to copy the template of Modi for electoral gains? While use of controversial and divisive remarks have worked well for PM Modi, who has been instrumental in the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP's) poll victories since the 2014 General Elections, it might boomerang for Rahul.

Actually, if we recall Rahul's speeches in the last two-three years, he has always been ranting about Modi and the BJP government. If his complaints would have struck a chord with the voters then the Congress would have definitely won elections, at least a few of them.

Unlike popular political belief these days, Rahul speeches against Modi are proving counterproductive, though they are generating a lot of headlines and social media hashtags.

First, most often speeches laced with hate, lies and agenda are unpleasant to the ears and soul too. Second, politics is not about personal attacks, at least not always, once in a blue moon voters too love to know about their leaders' opinions against their rivals. But when politicians divert from issues plaguing the nation and try to bring conspiracy theory in every subject, voters too can see the real motive.

During the run up to the Karnataka Assembly elections 2018 held in May, both the BJP and the Congress ran hateful campaigns. While PM Modi seems to be taking some rest from delivering scathing attacks against Rahul and Gandhi parivar as he busy touring various countries, Rahul is still stuck in his attack mode.

Rahul's recent speech where he said that the owner of Coca-Cola used to sell shikanji (lemonade) and the owners of McDonald's ran a "dhaba" in the US is a perfect example of political hara-kiri, thanks to his obsession with Modi.

The Congress president once again attempted to attack the Modi government for failing to generate jobs in the country. Instead his speech inspired many memes and hashtags as his lack of knowledge was exposed, once again.

He could have demanded jobs for unemployed people in the country from the ruling regime by citing facts and figures. He diverted from his subject by bringing some popular brands like Coca-Cola and Mc Donald's into his speech and ended up make several gaffes.

In an effort to highlight the division within the BJP, Rahul on Tuesday said that Modi does not respect his mentor and former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani.

Addressing a rally of party workers in Mumbai, Rahul said the Congress party had given "more respect to LK Advani than Modi has". "LK Advani has been the guru of Modi, but I have seen in events that Modi does not even respect his guru. Today, I feel very sad for Advani," the Congress president added.

Rahul also tweeted, "In the BJP, they cut down their own Gurus. Humiliating Vajpayeeji, Advaniji, Jaswant Singhji and their families is the Prime Minister's way of protecting Indian culture."

It is strange to see Rahul shedding crocodile tears over BJP leaders like Advani and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee both of whom were vilified by the Congress in the past.

If Rahul wants to win elections, he definitely has to change his speech writers or omit the subject of Modi totally from his talks. Perhaps, Modi too can do the same exercise, and erase Rahul from his memory bank for some time and talk about real problems of the country.

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