What is BJP's Manjhi strategy in Bihar?

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Jitan Ram Manjhi, chief Minister of Bihar, has decided that he will not go down without a fight. He has now sought an appointment with President of India Pranab Mukherjee at 7 PM on Monday, Feb 16 and also one with BJP's National President Amit Shah to discuss the crisis in Bihar.

All eyes would be on those two meetings and especially the one with Amit Shah will generate a lot of interest. Amidst allegations of the BJP backing Manjhi being made by friend turned foe, Nitish Kumar it would be interesting to see how the BJP would handle this situation.

Jitan Ram Manjhi

BJP keeps everyone guessing:

Several senior leaders from the BJP tell Oneindia that they would want to adopt a wait and watch strategy. The BJP leadership feels that it is capable of winning the forthcoming elections on its own and any diversion from that could prove costly.

The BJP however would not want an early election as there is still some amount of restructuring that is going on within the party following the Delhi result.

Sources in the BJP say that unless they are confident that Manjhi will win the trust vote, they may not back him.

The BJP would want to support Manjhi if he is not in with a chance of retaining his position and government in Bihar.

We would not want to go to the elections next year with an image of a party that supported someone who lost the trust vote, the BJP says.

Can Manjhi get the numbers?

Without the support of the BJP it is impossible for Manjhi to get the numbers leave alone put up a fight. At the moment it is looking increasingly difficult for Manjhi to get those numbers and this would mean that the BJP will play it safe before committing anything to him.

The other question is how important is Manjhi for the BJP. He does not enjoy a massive support base, but certain aspects could tilt in his favour if his government falls ensuring that there is some amount of sympathy built up for him.

If the BJP decides to bail him out, then that sympathy factor would be absent. Will the BJP want Manjhi to fall and dish out a sympathy factor or would they want him to stay in power until the next elections is something that would be finalized with the Bihar CM meets with Amit Shah.

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