Will need Rahul's support as the Oppn leader: Narendra Modi

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New Delhi, April 22: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi appeared on Ghoshana Patra, a programme on ABP News, ABP Majha and ABP Ananda at 8 pm.

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9.25 pm:

When does your day begin?

Modi: I get up at 5 am. This is my habit since the RSS days. I sleep very little. The doctors also complain about this.

9.21 pm:

Whose film will you see, Shah Rukh Khan's or Aamir Khan's?

Modi: Pray to God that I have time. I will see both.

9.20 pm:

On polarised Bollywood on Modi

Modi: i don't know much about Bollywood. Some personalities came to meet me after I became CM. Everyone has his own opinion.

9.20 pm:

On the two Senas in Maharashtra

Modi: Personal relations shouldn't come in between politics.

9.19 pm:

On Gorkhaland

Modi: If you try to suppress regional sentiments, it will backfire.

9.16 pm:

About your stint with Belur Math

Modi: I spent a long time there. It is a different world.

9.15 pm:

what do you do after your work gets over?

Modi: I have no leisure. I am too workaholic. Today when I was returning, I heard about thunderstorm in Gujarat. I got into that issue instantly.

9.10 pm:

Will you go to the USA as the PM of India?

Modi: This is a very loaded question.

9.09 pm:

Are you weak on Pakistan?

Modi: In this age, we should act by looking eye to eye with our neighbours.

9.08 pm:

On sending emissary to Sayeed Gilani

Modi: I was quite shocked with the news that I had sent an emissary to Geelani. I heard it has been resolved now.

9.04 pm:

On support from other parties

Modi: I don't think we will need such support. But we will need, in one sense, support from everybody. If Rahul Gandhi wins from Amethi, though chances are less, then we will require even his co-operation as an Opposition leader.

9.03 pm:

Who is Narendra Modi?

Modi: I have not been given the power by the God to pass a judgment on myself. But I am not one who lives a dual life.

8.54 pm:

Rahul calls your development a toffee model and that your government will be one of the rich people.

Modi: Please verify the official details. I have worked for farmers, small-scale industries, agricultural development, education, cotton production. We have started soil health cards. Are these meant for rich people?

8.53 pm:

About Ambanis and Adanis

Modi: This is not the question of the media. This is an allegation that the opponents have raised. You ask me questions about my government's performance in Gujarat.

8.50 pm:

Should media be afraid of you?

Modi: If the media gets nervous, then it should not be in business.

8.46 pm:

How will you deal with price rise?

Modi: We must have real-time data on crop yields. The Food Corporation of India should have three distinct responsibilities; procurement, preservation and distribution.

8.44 pm:

On the issue of bringing back black money

Modi: We will make a detailed study on the black money stashed abroad. We need to take help of international laws.

8.40 pm:

Are you trying to reconnect to the Muslims?

Modi: I have been given a national responsibility now and I have to reconnect with my countrymen. i am not going to say in the language you want to hear.

8.39 pm:

Have you carried out your Rajdharma?

Modi: I have said everything in interviews. Please rerun them.

8.31 pm:

Do Muslims are afraid of you? Would your critics have to flee India if you become the PM?

Modi: If you hear my speech from 2002, my government's mantra was "Abhayam, Abhayam, Abhayam".

8.24 pm:

Is any possibility of RSS interfering in governance if you become the PM?

Modi: Governance is only about India and its development.

8.21 pm:

About problems in the NDA: Do you think that a lot of people in the party are feeling nervous because of you?

Modi: I never demand or snatch anything.

8.20 pm:

About accusations against you

Modi: Accusations will go on till I am defeated. People feel frustrated that they could not do anything to me even after a decade. I am not concerned if Mamata Banerjee is also propagating about my affidavit. Let people decide.

8.18 pm:

Did you call Robert Vadra as Jija ji to make it an absorbing affair?

Modi: We had to identify people by some name.

8.15 pm:

Did strategy towards Mamata Banerjee

Modi: I knew Mamata would not come with us. I am more disappointed with her than angry. She got time to get Bengal out of the bad situation that the Left had created.

8.12 pm:

Was the BJP confident in the beginning as it is today?

Modi: Had we spoken in the same manner from the beginning, then people would have considered as arrogant. This is a part of our strategy. There was no talk of we and Sharad Pawar going together. I am also a good friend with Lalu Prasad.

8.10 pm:

Should the BJP get a majority?

Election is not about arithmetic but chemistry. The BJp will get a clear-cut mandate and will be made strong with help of NDA allies.

8.05 pm:

Why should people vote for you?

Modi: The 2014 election is an election of hope. No previous government has been so much plagued by failure. People have lost all hope and are desperately looking for a fresh change. The BJP has created a hope on issues of good governance and development.

The Congress has already lost in the 232 seats which have gone to polls so far.

[See video here: Narendra Modi on Ghoshna Patra]

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