Twitter trends: Why they are mostly about Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi

By: Maitreyee Boruah
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Bengaluru, May 5: Are you on the microblogging site Twitter? Do you love expressing yourself within 140 characters? What are your favourite topics of discussion? If you are an Indian and a die-hard Twitter user, then your answer would be definitely politics. The conclusion is not based on any survey result, but on the number of Twitter trends that are devoted to politics in India. 

Take for instance what is trending on May 5 (Thursday). Some of the Twitter trends keeping everyone occupied on Thursday morning are #ModiScaredofSonia, How BJP and #WhoDestroyedIndiaMore, to name a few.

Sonia Gandhi-Narendra Modi

Bhakts versus Sickulars

All these trends mostly mention about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

While Twitter fans of Modi are millions, the Gandhi family is mostly trolled on Twitter. Thus it is anybody's guess, when there is a Twitter face-off between Modi and Gandhi family, who wins the battle.

It is definitely Modi. Even Modi fans are known as "Bhakts" (devotees). The supporters of Congress and Aam Aamdi Party are known as Sickulars and Aaptards respectively.

Farmers are not trendy

Hardly Twitter trends in India mention about issues affecting the common man. How many times farmer or farmer suicide has trended on Twitter in recent times? The answer is hardly.

Is it not strange that at a time when India is facing severe agrarian crisis because of drought in 13 states of the country, "politically conscious" twiterrati did not think it worthwhile to discuss about farmers' issues? Like in the real world, nobody cares about farmers and their plight on the social media as well.

The "politicization" of Twitter has reached such a height that beyond politics and political figures, Indian twiterrati don't want to "discuss" anything else.

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