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This Valentine’s Day, While We Dine And Wine, Let’s Do Something That Matters

By Anuj Cariappa

Love is something with which life begins. The common misconception about love is that it exists only between couples. Love is larger than that. Love is for nature, that higher power, trees, animals, children, for parents, etc. A feeling that can be celebrated and lived among each living being or organism.

This Valentine’s Day, While We Dine And Wine, Let’s Do Something That Matters

Thus Love and any Festival of Love being only celebrated between couples is not the realistic aspect we should limit ourselves to.

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Last Valentine's Day, Seema had a very beautiful time with her boyfriend, got a handful of gifts, a diamond ring as well as the boy just announced his sudden engagement with her. She was on cloud nine as it wasn't anything she expected all of a sudden.

Being smiley faces and all chirpy, they were going through a street during the evening and while they were back on their way home, suddenly Seema took a glance on the street and saw a child looking for food in the dustbin kept aside at the corner end of the street and just realised, all the happiness or the love feelings they were flying across were so tiny in front of that feeling of stomach craving for love of food.

Her face became pale and eyes wet, that feeling can make anybody question about humanity and humans. Thousands of questions arose in her mind that whether our overly shown love towards our partners is even worth it, and is it the only feeling anybody should feel?

Isn't there a bigger responsibility of love towards society, towards that child looking for food in the dustbin? Don't we people need to shower a bit of love over him, the affection of getting him fed, and all those in need? Don't those children deserve some love from the people who are well enough with the Creator's Mercy?

All these questions somehow remain unanswered at that moment in her mind but what instantly came next was, feeding that child. They took that child Raju to a nearby restaurant and during the conversation with him it came up that Raju's parents weren't well, living in a nearby slum and his 3 sisters and 2 brothers were hungry as well who haven't been fed since a day. Seema decided to help Raju and his family by admitting the kids to a nearby school where Annamrita was providing nutritious mid-day meals to the kids.

Many children like Raju are trapped within the chains of poverty and have to work for daily wages in order to meet the daily needs of their family. The only reason why their family would want to send their kids to school is if the school provides them with a meal.

These kids have been inducted in the schools under the National Child Labour Project and we, at Annamrita serve these children mid-day meal which for some of them is their sole meal for the day.

This Valentine's Day, we are celebrating it for children who crave just for love from you. All these beautiful souls who only understand a pure form of love. A form which can just be given with pure feelings. With a feeling of support towards them, this Valentine's Day let's make a pledge to all those children in need out there waiting for their valentine. We need to think beyond the horizon and think for all those underprivileged children who crave for our love.

Every day, we encounter such people in our daily life and the reality is a harsh truth. What you can do least is to donate something to the organizations working for the welfare of children.

Annamrita is one such organization which strives to provide "unlimited food for education" and bring in more and more children to schools and give them the opportunity to receive the goodness of education. With the aim to become the basis for the eradication of hunger and illiteracy across India, this programme is strategically aimed at providing a healthy, nutritious and pure wholesome meal.

In the pursuit for a healthy meal, the child attends the school and in turn gets the education, therefore, becoming a viable asset to the country's future, further increasing school enrolment, boosting attendance and also performance in class.

Every penny you donate is put to use for good for all those people like Raju.

This Valentine's Day, let's Pledge to be like Seema and inspire ourselves to shower our love to all those out in need. This will help us make this world a lot better place.

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