The Sinister Plan of Jamaat Terror Groups - How Far is India from Becoming a Syria?

Posted By: Pathikrit Payne
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The Sinister Plan of Jamaat Terror Groups - How Far is India from Becoming a Syria?
As the investigation into the Burdwan blast progresses, more and more of shocking facts are coming out which may indicate that what terrorists of banned Jamaat Ul Mujahideen of Bangladesh were planning to do where far more sinister than a mere terror attack.

Not only NIA has been able to identify around 58 such modules which were made operational by JMB and sending consignments of a combination of country made bombs and IEDs to Bangladesh, the larger plot was to assassinate the Bangladeshi Prime Minister along with a series of blasts in Bangladesh, much akin to what JMB did there in 2005.

The Jamaat Plot

With the country having plunged into total chaos, JMB's next objective would have been to wage war and take over the control of the country in quest of their objective of setting up a Caliphate there. Some of the Bengal districts adjacent to Bangladesh, such as Malda, Murshidabad as well as Nadia were similar target points of the terrorists to make them part of the caliphate.

However, NIA investigation is also revealing that the tentacles of JMB have spread much beyond West Bengal in India and it includes other states like Assam and Tamil Nadu.

The other important information that is pouring in is that of the role of many Middle East based NGOs is channeling money into India in the name of social work and finally making that money reach the terror modules of JMB and other terror organizations.

What if the accidental blast not happened ?

Had it not been for the accidental blast, the entire plot would have remained unearthed and the terror modules would have continued with their preparations for mayhem.

Had it not been for the accidental blast, may be in a few months' time Bangladesh would have possibly been besieged by a series of terror attacks thereby sinking that country and along with that possibly some of the neighboring districts in Bengal, into utter chaos. This would have been the perfect backdrop for the Jihadi elements to give shape to their next plan.

Therefore, the moot question is how many such undetected modules still continue to plot sinister conspiracies in India without Indian agencies having any idea or inkling about them?

Given the enormous amount of influence that ISIS has been able to spread leading to Jihadis from 80 countries flocking to Syria to fight for ISIS and establish an Islamic Caliphate, the manner in which Al Qaeda have openly announced the start of an India specific Jihadi wing, the enormity of the amount of money ISI pumps in to develop Indian Mujahideen modules, there is a strong requirement for India to realize the gravity of the danger knocking at its doors.

Does India have a National Policy to deal with the looming danger?

While the central agencies are relatively more active and are trying to work towards the thwarting the threats, the same cannot be said about the state level agencies of all the Indian states.

The laxity on the part of the West Bengal Police, their deliberate attempt to hush up the matter, the inability of Bengal CID to proactively take on the investigation and their failure to promptly follow the leads to prevent the prime masterminds from fleeing, are all reflection of the typical state police mindset and their inclination to appease the political masters more than to confront and battle the brutal terror networks.

With investigations now closely showing link between the alleged link of the Saradha Chit Fund scam and how money of the scam was routed to fund terror activities indicate that terror related investigations perhaps may no more be left to state agencies.

Central agencies would have to act more proactively if India has to make sure that the tentacles are unruffled before they become a stranglehold.

The price of not proactively dealing with the disruptive element in the right time is being paid by Syria and several other countries now. It is now time for India to declare terrorism as a national security issue and not deal it as a law & order issue any more.

With US going to exit Afghanistan soon, there is no doubt that many of the Pakistan based Jihadi elements would again shift their focus towards India which would have to then face the Jihadi wave from both Pakistan and Bangladesh and it might not be any less than a war kind of a situation.

The incident of 26/1 or the 2005 serial blast in Bangladesh orchestrated by JMB are proof enough of that.

Only a national level concerted effort to root out the terror modules, their fund raisers and preachers can save India from a disaster because an accidental blast, as has been the case with Burdwan, may not always happen to forewarn India of the looming danger.

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