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The Most Used Apps in India 2020

As we come to the end of 2020 we are through yet another year in which technology has been crucial to our lives, perhaps more so than ever before with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world.

Indians are always towards the forefront of technology, what is happening around the world, those in India are usually following suit. Therefore, the most popular apps in India for the year have been the big names that you would expect to see from worldwide data.

The Most Used Apps in India 2020

The Most Popular Apps in India

Just like everywhere else in the world, Indians jumped on the 2020 craze that was TikTok. This was the most popular app in India during 2020 and that should come as no surprise. TikTok has been downloaded over 100 million times by worldwide users and is still an extremely popular app today.

From videos involving creative ideas to help people all the way up to voice over acting to give us all a laugh during a year that most of us want to forget, TikTok has been there every step of the way.

Behind TikTok was something to come completely out of the blue due to the landscape of the world and that was Zoom. This became something vital for business, with face-to-face meetings cancelled and people having to move online.

From business meetings to lectures for students, seeing friends and family and much more, Zoom has been an incredibly important part of life for many people in 2020.

Whether this remains to be the case in our personal lives is dependent on how long it takes to beat Covid-19, but don't be surprised to see Zoom continuing to play a key role in business. This is something being talked about in the latest business news, expect people to rely on this technology and keep things online if it helps.

Behind the top two, it is what you would expect to see from Indians who enjoy living their lives via their mobile device. Apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram dominate this part of the list, some of the essentials that many of us simply cannot live without.

These apps have a constant stream of new users as younger people get hold of phones and want to move their lives onto them. This is where friends meet, exchange messages and plan what they are going to do, which is why so many people rush to download them and use them on a daily basis.

Is 2021 the Year That Gaming Apps Make a Splash in India?

Gaming apps are on the rise all over the world and that is certainly the case in India. These apps are the perfect and most convenient way for people to enjoy gaming, and 2021 could be the year when they really break out. The popularity of alternative forms of gaming in India is highlighted by the rise of sites like Luckydice who provide online gambling guides.

One of the main reasons why gaming is becoming so popular in India is because of the convenience that mobile gaming brings. Rather than being sat at home on a computer, which some people won't even have, players can quickly get out their phones and play with just a few swipes.

This could be at home, but equally it can be done while out with friends, on the commute to and from work or anywhere else. This convenience is what will push gaming forward in India, and the fact that mobile apps are available to download already is only going to speed up the process.

One type of gaming available is casino gaming, and this is popular because some of the biggest Indian gambling games are now available to play online, such as Andar Bahar and more. An up to date list of the top casinos in India can be found at luckydice.in.

With gaming on the rise, and apps directly causing that, any increase in the Indian gaming industry in 2021 is going to be seen and can be measured by the number of app downloads. This is something to watch out for and while the big names are going to dominate the market, where gaming apps eventually end on the list is going to be fascinating to see.

Gaming is only on the rise because of these apps, and without them the industry would not exist, so any increase in demand in the future will certainly be seen in the mobile industry.

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