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Sunanda Pushkar murder case: SIT's 11 questions for Shashi Tharoor ready


New Delhi, Jan 15: As the investigations into the Sunanda Pushkar murder case progresses more revelations are cropping up.

On one hand her family states that she was never the same after the IPL and Mehr Tarar issue on the other hand her conversation with an alleged hawala operator has also become the focus of the probe.


Even as the probe progresses the SIT has prepared a set of 11 key questions for Tharoor to answer.

The IPL issue and the spat with Mehr Tarar left Sunanda Pushkar completely disillusioned investigations into the murder of Shashi Tharoor's wife has revealed.

She was in touch with members of her family regularly after the IPL issue and she sounded down most of the time, it has been revealed to the Special Investigating Team of the Delhi police probing the case.

However the spat with Mehr Tarar, the Pakistani journalist only disillusioned further and she was never the same after that, the SIT has learnt.

Tharoor's tussle with Katie, an author

The name of Katie whose real name is Katherine Abraham has also cropped up during the investigation. It was found that she had altercations with Shashi Tharoor over this person who is an author from Tiruvananthapuram.

It has however been learnt that there were spats for sometime, but these issues had been resolved by the couple. Further it was said that Sunanda was unhappy that her husband was in close touch with Katie and this had become a cause for the fights.

The SIT says that they may question her too in connection with this case. To ascertain any motive that could be possibly behind this case, it is very important to ascertain the relations between Sunanda and Shashi, the SIT official also informed.

Katie could just be a fan or was there more to it is something that investigations would reveal.

The IPL issue

The IPL issue is what changed Sunanda to a large extent. She was not used to her name being dragged into unnecessary muck. She had come under a lot of scrutiny at that time and she had not taken it too well, the SIT has learnt.

Further it was also said that she had told her close friends and family members that she does not enjoy seeing her name in the news for all the wrong reasons. She was disturbed and never sounded her chirpy self, her family members are alleged to have told the police.

Mehr Tarar

There was a major change in Sunanda after the Mehr Tarar issue cropped up. She never took it well and this was very telling on her. She used to discuss it often with family members.

Her family and friends said that she did not complain about Shashi Tharoor, but did speak about her depression over the Tarar issue.

Her outbursts on Twitter had become quite infamous and she had even gone up to the extent of calling her an ISI agent. She was speaking out utter frustration at that time.

There would be an outburst and then would come an apology which itself indicated that she was not mentally stable at that time.

"We will send a questionnaire to Mehr Tarar and have it answered. We would not be able to summon her for questioning as she is in Paksitan. However other channels will be used to get her to answer our questions", the SIT says.

Messages to Moin Qureshi

Investigators have learnt that there were some messages that were exchanged on phone between Sunanda and the meat exporter and alleged hawala dealer Moin Qureshi.

Although the messages are courteous exchanges, the SIT still wants to know what she had to do with this meat exporter and alleged hawala operative.

One message in which Sunanda invites Moin on her and Shashi's behalf for dinner and his reply saying that he would make it once he is back (from Lahore) are under investigation. The SIT says that these appear to be normal exchanges, but we would dig for more.

11 Questions for Tharoor

Meanwhile, the SIT has prepared a list of questions for Shashi Tharoor. Broadly he will be asked about his relationship with Sunanda and also the tussles pertaining to Katie and Mehr.

He would also be asked about the exchange of messages between Moin and Sunanda and how he was known to them.

The other questions for Tharoor are:

-Did Sunanda need an injection?

- Explain the injury on her left hand

- Did she have access to poison?

- Was there a scuffle that led to biting her hand?

- What was the relationship between you and her?

-Why was she depressed after the IPL and Mehr Tarar issue?

-Did you try and influence the medical report?

-Was any money relating to IPL being held by Sunanda?

- What was your relationship with Katie?

-What is the Mehr Tarar issue all about?

-What was the connection with Moin Qureshi?


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