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Success Story Of Baby Nirvi

By Staff

What is the worst thing that you as a parent may wake up to one morning? Seeing your loved one having difficulty in breathing and later being diagnosed by a life-threatening disease is a nightmare come true for every parent. But this is exactly what transpired in Manoj's life one fine morning when his daughter was affected with a condition called Necrotising Pneumonia Empyema.

Though a line up of surgeries promised to save Nirvi's life, the only thing that was the hurdle on the path was the finances. She had undergone the first part of her surgery called VATS (Video Assisted Thorascoscopic Surgery), and she would need a constant supply of medications and tests, combined with a couple of more surgeries to get her back home. The total cost of the procedure, as estimated by the hospital would be around 15 lakhs. But how would a man from a lower middle-class family procure such a huge amount?

 Success Story Of Nirvi

Procuring the entire sum of money was way out of his league. This is when he heard of fundraisers, which help people in such situations. Though he was aware of how crowdfunding works, he had no idea that he would need it for his only daughter some day.

Oneindia is a great platform which supports such causes wholeheartedly. We at Oneindia, believe in setting an example for others to follow. When our sources got in touch with Nirvi's father, we could see the tears in his eyes. Not the sad ones, but tears of hope of seeing his daughter returning back home, hail and hearty. What was a distant dream to them was quickly realised by the timely help of Oneindia donors, who were quick in donating generously to this cause.

It took no time for Oneindia to raise 15 lakhs for Nirvi's surgeries. Thanks to all the donors who connect with us and help make this world a better place to live. Nirvi has now undergone all the treatments required and is on her way to recovery.

Read their soul-wrenching story below.

It all started in November last year when Manoj's 2-year-old daughter Nirvi was suffering from a cough and cold. Thinking of it as a normal case of infection, she was taken to a local doctor and was prescribed a regular dose of medication to subside the symptoms. But her condition deteriorated even after taking the entire dosage as prescribed.

The doctors then started with a series of tests that were supposed to determine the exact problem with Nirvi. Meanwhile, her condition worsened to a point where she was just unable to fall asleep. Then came the result of a blood test that revealed a blood infection.

This threw Nirvi's parents off guard.

Coming from a humble background, Nirvi's family is from a humble town called Airoli. Nirvi's father being a technician in the Western railways, had a meagre income of Rs 20,000/- per month. Being the sole breadwinner of a family of five is a bit difficult with such income and the inflation.

But nothing prepared them for what lay ahead for their family and their dear daughter Nirvi.

One night, however, things took an ugly turn for Nirvi's family as she suddenly woke up in the middle of the night completely out of breath. Concerned, her parents immediately rushed her to the hospital where they got the shock of their lives.

Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, a sonogram was performed. Nirvi's parents were then informed that their daughter was suffering from a life-threatening disease - Necrotising Pneumonia Emphyema. This news completely broke her parents.

It is during this time that Oneindia came into the picture and saved Nirvi's life.

"Nirvi is a brave girl who fought through her illness. But all this wouldn't have been possible without your timely support. She is doing quite well now and has returned home. Nirvi still has to visit the hospital for her regular checkups but she is more than happy to resume her normal way of life. Thank You OneIndia for giving back our daughter."

- Nirvi's father.

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