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Social Media Influencer & Actress Esha Jhanji On Her Success: “Was Happy To See Fan Pages With My Name”

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Esha Jhanji is a renowned actress and a social media influencer who has impressed people with her impeccable talent. Jhanji hails from Punjab and is a hardcore Bollywood lover who always imagined herself as the leading lady in her favourite movies. With time, she worked hard and made her dreams come true in her own way.

Social Media Influencer & Actress Esha Jhanji On Her Success: “Was Happy To See Fan Pages With My Name”

During her school days, actress Esha Jhanji was a part of school acting clubs and participated in plays and dramas. She always nailed every performance during her school days which made Esha more confident in her talent. With time, Esha's interest in acting kept increasing, and she decided to start making videos following the trends to find individuality in transition videos. Thanks to her charm and skills, the actress won people's attention immediately and became one of their favourite internet stars.

About her career so far, actress and social media influencer Esha Jhanji says, "I love blogging. From TikTok videos to Instagram reels, I have explored everything that helped me showcase my performance skills. I am forever thankful to God for giving me a chance and strength to just be me. I remember this one day when I was going through my 'for you' page, and I saw a fan page with my name. I was so surprised, overwhelmed, and full of joy. I immediately searched up my name and there were like a couple more. It was on that day I realised that I was actually making a change and my goal started looking closer and clearer to my eyes."

As a social media influencer, life is not easy for Esha Jhanji. She must be creative and develop different concepts that will appeal to her followers and people on social media. But the blogger loves these challenges as she loves her job.

On Instagram, Esha has over 753k followers. Check out her page - https://www.instagram.com/esha_jhanji_/?hl=en.

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