Shiv Sena demands action, says FB post on Bal Thackeray derogatory

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Sena upset over FB post on Thackeray
Thane, Oct 15: Shiv Sena activiists are up in arms again against an alleged derogatory comment on Facebook. The comment has been against the late party founder Bal Thackeray.

The Shiv Sena have registered a complaint with the Thane police about the derogatory comment, which apparently derides Bal Thackeray and his son Uddhav.

Shiv Sainiks had allegedly taken to the streets, demanding action and tension prevailed in the area.

According to the police officials, the Facebook page containing the derogatory comment was brought to notice by some members of the Shiv Sena student wing, Bhartiya Vidhyathi Sena on Tuesday.

A case against the person responsible for the page has been registered under the IT act.

One suspect was picked up by the police later on Tuesday night. Sena workers have urged the police to take action against the culprit.

One suspect has been arrested in the case

Earlier, when Bal Thackeray passed away, two girls were arrested for posting comments that portrayed Bal Thackeray in negative light. One of the girls had posted on Facebook saying that she didn't have a clue why there was such a hue and cry over his death.

Her comment was then liked by her friend and they were both arrested but were later on given bail by the police. This incident then raised a lot of questions about the right to freedom and speech of an individual and the police had faced a lot of flak for it. 

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