Sensational Sheena murder case: Another shocking revelations about Mikhail, Indrani

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New Delhi, Sept 2: Sheena Bora murder mystery is getting murkier day by day. Police do know that culprit is out of three-Sheena Bora's mother Indrani, Sanjeev Khanna and driver, but yet not be able to solve the riddle of ghastly murder case.

What is perplexing in the case that every second day new theory comes up which further complicates the case. According to latest report, another shocking theory has come to the light.

Was Mikhail blackmailing Indrani?

It is being said now that victim's brother Mikhail Bora might have been blackmailing his mother Indrani.

The Quint report suspects that Mikhail may have made a deal with Indrani to keep her secret. He may have demanded Rs 25 crores for not revealing her secret to others, though this theory is yet to be established.

Till now, the investigating team has believed in whatever Mikhail's has said and even substantiated his claim that Indrani tried to kill him four times in past.
But after this revelation, Police could investigate Mikhail's role in the case.

This new theory gets fodder from the fact that how come Mikhail now revealing everything to Police. If he did know about Indrani's unusual behavior and she wanted to kill him, why Mikhai didn't approach to police earlier.

The Quint report says that when Sheena got disappeared suddenly, one of her school friend approached Mikhail at his Guwahati's residence but he acted ‘funny'. Mikhail told Sheena's friend that she had been sent to US.

Report further states that Mikhail might have started blackmailing Indrani, who was at that giving him an allowance of Rs 15,000. It is being suspected Mikhail had demanded Rs 20-25 crore to buy a property in Bangalore.

The reason being financial position of Mikhail suddenly got a spike after the incident. Mikhail, who was facing tough time that time, suddenly bought new Tata Aria car worth Rs 12 Lakh.

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