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Scavenger to dog lady: Meet Pratima Devi, who feeds 400 dogs a day


New Delhi, Aug 09: Pratima Devi, known as the 'Dog Lady' or 'Kutto Wali Amma' of New Delhi, this sexagenarian rag picker from South Delhi's posh area Saket has been day & night taking care of stray dogs, who don't always get the proper care and attention that they deserve.

Pratima has made it her life's mission to care for over 400 stray dogs that keep her company.

Scavenger to dog lady: Meet Pratima Devi, who feeds 400 dogs a day

Shun down those thoughts that says you need to have a hefty bank balance to help others. And Pratima is the perfect example and inspiration- despite her meager daily earning, she not only makes sure that the dogs in her shelter are fed twice a day but also nurses them and makes sure that they are properly vaccinated.

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When asked how does she manage to look after so many strays with limited means, she says - "Taking care of dogs is my religion."

Pratima initially worked as a cook for a few households in the city. Later, she started a tea shop in Saket and started to look after the canines in the neighbourhood. After her shop was broken down by the police and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), she started working as a scavenger, collecting waste from nearby shops and offices and selling it, after segregation, for a meagre amount of money to feed her four-legged friends.

The number of canines that she started caring for grew in no time, and one day she found herself feeding and caring for almost 400 dogs on a daily basis.

Early age marriage followed with marital abuse, hence, she ran away from her village Nandigram in West Bengal to make a life for herself in New Delhi. Apparently, she found the company of some fury friends much more endearing and comforting than the company of fellow human beings. Gradually, the dogs became her family.

The story of 'Dog Lady or Kutto Wali Amma', the stray dog saviour, has reached far and wide. A lot of dog lovers visited her and offered her help. Amma allows the people who visit her to adopt puppies, and in this manner, several disabled canines have also found good homes.

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Inspired by Pratima's noble and selfless deeds, many independent filmmaker decided to make a documentary on her. An independent filmmaker was so pleased by her noble deed that she started running a crowdfunding campaign to help Pratima to improve her condition.

Pratima doesn't have the money to buy her own medicines or fix her broken-down roof, but she does everything possible to take care of her fury friends with all she can, while she can.

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