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Safe hide-out: Al-Qaeda turning Hyderabad into its stronghold in South India?

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Safe hide-out: Al-Qaeda turning Hyderabad into its stronghold in South India?
Hyderabad was to be the epicentre of the Al-Qaeda through which it was decided to target several youth from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

National Investigating Agency officials informed that it appears that the Al-Qaeda has been planning this operation for quite some time and a lot of information was leaked by the Subedar who was honey trapped. He had leaked information regarding several army officers and also the bases which may have been shared with the Al-Qaeda which has decided that Hyderabad would its base to further it cause of setting up the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent or the AQIS.

Hyderabad's terror links

A lot of the information that was collected from the Subedar who was honey trapped was passed to members of terror outfits. This subedar was targeted in particular as he hailed from Hyderabad and the AQ felt that this city would be the best bet for a lot of reasons including the fact that it connects well to all the rest of the Southern states.

The arrest of two operatives of the SIMI which allies with the Al-Qaeda it was found that they wanted to set up base in Hyderabad with the help of another operative called Motasim and recruit youth.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that there are 8 sleeper cells of the SIMI and the Al-Qaeda in Hyderabad and several youth part of the cells have shown a great deal of enthusiasm after the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent was launched.

For the Al-Qaeda to set up its major module in Hyderabad was not very difficult since this Hyderabad has been a hub of the Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami which was set up by Shahid Bilal. The HuJI is a natural ally of the Al-Qaeda and this is the outfit which connects the AQ with the Jamaat-ul-Bangladesh. For the Al-Qaeda Hyderabad showed a great deal of potential thanks political support from certain quarters and also the fact that several youth have always complained of police atrocities which have made them want to join terror groups. Riazuddin Nazir is one such example. He had joined the HuJI after his friend was killed in police firing post the Mecca Masjid blasts.

The figures drawn out by the Intelligence Bureau and the Hyderabad police would reveal that the Al-Qaeda has a great deal of sympathizers and there are nearly 350 members who are willing to join the outfit immediately. Muddasir who was arrested by the Hyderabad police says that the module is run by a person called Motasim and he had assured that there would be many youth who could join the force.

Old city a safe hide-out?

Hyderabad, especially the Old city acts as a safe hide out for terrorist operatives says an Intelligence Bureau official. This place has nurtured several operatives such as Riazuddin Nazir and Shahid Bilal who went on to become major players in this game of terror. There are many in the city who subscribe to the view of the Al-Qaeda and also the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which have given repeated calls to liberate Hyderabad from the government of India and restore the rule of the Nizam. This is the most attractive call for these youth which has lured them into joining these outfits.

Hyderabad for the Al-Qaeda acts as the perfect base to set up its operations. SIMI its partner has a strong presence in Karnataka and Kerala and this helps the outfit a great deal. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu the Al-Qaeda has a partner in the Islamic Chattr Shibir and the Al-Umma which have played a vital role in the Burdhwan module as well. The Al-Qaeda would be the brand name but it would be all these other outfits which would carry out its activities for them. The SIMI in particular has the biggest role to play.

It has also been found that the Hyderabad module would be linked to the modules in West Bengal and Maharashtra. This was in fact informed to the NIA by the Hyderabad city intelligence wing which has prompted the agency to find if there was any link of this module with the Burdhwan blast.

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