Road rage and killings: It's all about money, honey?

By: Maitreyee Boruah
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Patna, May 9: Go to any city or a town in the country, observe the roads carefully, you will get a fair idea about the denizens of the place. Indian roads are always bubbling with life.

On any busy roads, you would come across a high-end SUV struggling with a bullock cart to navigate the "irritating" traffic. In the race to win the "traffic test", the winner is always the person riding the fastest and the most expensive vehicle.


The power of money truly rules our roads. Once again money power reared its ugly head when a teenager Aditya Sachdeva was killed in the temple town of Gaya in Bihar on Saturday (May 8) evening.

The victim was allegedly shot dead by Rocky Yadav, son of JD (U) MLC Manorama Devi and Bindi Yadav, for overtaking his car in Gaya. The incident has sent shock waves across the country. It is as shocking as any case of road rage in the country.

To further understand the tragic incident better, let's read what a popular English newspaper wrote about the crime episode.

"Stung by a 19-year-old student's "audacity" in overtaking his top-end Range Rover, JD(U) MLC Manorma Devi's son Rocky Yadav allegedly shot dead Aditya Sachdeva, who was travelling in a Swift Dzire with his friends, late on Saturday . Sources said Rocky is a member of the Rifle Club in Delhi," said a report in The Times of India.

"While Rocky , 23, is on the run, his father and MLC's husband, Bindi Yadav --charged in 2011 with sedition for storing 6,000 rounds of assault rifle bullets--was arrested for "harbouring" the alleged killer. The Range Rover, which costs upward of Rs 1 crore, was seized from the MLC's residence. Incidentally, a Swift Dzire comes for less than Rs 8 lakh on the road," added The Times of India report.


Clearly, Rocky, was angry that a person driving a much-cheaper car than his Range Rover dared to overtake his vehicle. It is the same mentality that plays out well on roads every day. Often, pedestrians struggling to cross busy roads are bullied by motorists. At times these bullies turn "murderous" and many innocent lives are lost in the process.

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