Chhota Rajan made 2 dare-devil escapes before luck ran out

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New Delhi, Oct 26: This time around Chotta Rajan was not so lucky. After having made a dare-devil escape in 2000, it had become almost impossible for the Intepol to nab Rajan. He was finally nabbed in Bali on Sunday.

The war between Chotta Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim had turned from bad to worse. Rajan was constantly being hunted by the members of the D Gang. It was the year 2000 and Dawood's key aide, Chotta Shakeel tracked him down to Bangkok.


The assassination attempt:

It was Dawood's close aide, Sharad Shetty who tipped off Shakeel with information relating to Rajan. Posing as a pizza delivery boy they entered into the hotel where Rajan was residing in Bangkok.

The assasins first gunned down Rajan's hitman Rohit Varma and his wife. However Rajan managed to escape through the hotel's roof and fire escape.

The grand escape:

While escaping from the hotel roof, Rajan slipped and fell. He was taken to the hospital where he was admitted for sometime.

He was admitted to the hospital with a broken back. However, he made yet another escape from the hospital and since then has not been traced.

The face off did not end here. Rajan swore revenge and ended up sending hitmen to kill Vinod Shetty in 2001 at Mumbai and Sunil Soans, both close aides of Dawood.

Following this Rajan's gang members gunned down Sharad Shetty in Dubai. The death of Shetty was a major blow for the D Gang since he was the one managing the finances of the syndicate.

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