Rahul Gandhi in WB: Opposition against the Women's Reservation Bill

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Rahul Gandhi hits out at BJP, TMC
Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), March 25: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today addressed people here and said that the 'Opposition was against the Women's Reservation Bill.'

Speaking to the people, he said that the party wanted to include everybody in the process of development. "RTI has opened up the system and ensured transparency. Anybody can get information about government functioning.

During his speech he pointed out at the poor condiditons of the roads in West Bengal. "Centre sends a lot of funds for West Bengal's infrastructure like the development of roads but the funds are not being used properly," Rahul said.

Rahul: Funds belonged to the people but they do not reach the people at all

He added that the funds sent by the Centre belonged to the people but the funds do not reach the people at all.

Hitting out at the TMC and Communist parties, Rahul said that such parties ignored the people of West Bengal. He then appealed to the people of Bengal he said: "Vote for Congress for proper and sufficient development of West Bengal."

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