PU results: Karnataka's performance worst in 3 years; 91 colleges record 0%

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Bengaluru, May 25: Overall passing percentage of Pre-University students across the state has seen 3.34% slide as against last year.

In 2015 March PU test, the state secured 60.54%, while this year state only managed to score 57.20%. This is worst in three years. In 2013, the state scored 59.36% and in 2014 it was 60.47%. 

Kimmane Ratnakar

Toppers in the table too has seen a slight drop in the passing number of students. Dakshina Kannada district that bagged first place in the state got 90.48 %. Its last year tally was 93.09. While Udupi (second place) scored 90.35%, last year it has good news as it pegged at 92.32. However for Kodagu (Third place) statistics made no much difference, with this district realising 79.35 passing percentage against 79.84% last year.

This year as many as 3,26,833 male students sat for the exam out which 1,63,484 students crossed passing marks. The passing percentage for boys is 50.02%. Among females, 3,09,535 students appeared for the exam and 2,00,529 passed the test. The passing percentage of girls is 64. 78. In comparison with last years data, male passing percentage was 53.09% and female, 68.24%.

Number of fresh candidates took exam this year was 5,12,555 in which 3,33,278 passed (65.02%). Number of students who took exams privately was 31,251 and 7,273 passed. While 92,562 students appeared for re-examination, only 23,462 students managed to cut through the exam.

Around last year 55 colleges scored 100% result, but this time only 41 could make it. Much more sad data is number colleges with 0% result. 91 colleges scored 0% this year as against only 47 last year.


Urban Karnataka secured 57.36% and rural Karnataka found itself at 56.66%. Going by three streams in the PU, Arts stream witnesses 42.12% seeing through the test, Commerce stream saw itself at 64.16% and 66.12% of students passed in Science.

Caste-wise results

Students appeared in general category has a upper hand with 64.32 passing percentage. Scheduled Caste students has a least passing percentage with 44.79%. Scheduled Tribe has 46.88 percentage.

Medium wise

English medium has a great share of passing students compared to Kannada Medium. English Medium across the state earned 65.71%, while Kannada lagged behind at 46.89%.


Number of students passed in distinction is 41,373. Passed in first class are 1,89,791. While 78,301 students passed in second class, 54,548 students passed in third class.

Specially abled

Across the state, 387 blind students appeared for the exam. Among these, 215 students passed the exam. 217 dumb and deaf students wrote exam and 77 of them made it to next level. 1495 students having arthro problem took the test, 715 passed it. Out of 249 dyslexic students, 137 passed.

For students

To get scanned copy of answer papers, students should apply for the same before May 30 by paying RS 400. For revaluation, students should apply before June 7 and stipulated fee is Rs 1,260. Last date to apply for recounting of score is June 7 and there is no fee for the same.

The students must not wait for the results of revaluation in order to apply for further courses and for re-examination.

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