Does Diwali light their homes? (Pics)

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Bangalore, Oct 24: Diwali is all about fun, frolic and food. There is no end to the amount of fun that we have during the season of lights. Light does away with the darkness in one's life-be it poverty, sorrow, haplessness, death or delapidation.


We happily burst our egoes with the crackers and light our houses with the 'diyas' of prosperity, but on second thoughts, how many of us can really afford to do that?


There are many such examples from our daily lives. The tea vendor at the end of the street, the police constable supervising our safety, the traffic police managing the crowd and the traffic, the waiters at the over-rushed restaurant etc. Let's leave them aside, consider the soldiers fighting the ceasefire at the border or the journalist covering a breaking news on television.


We pay little attention to them and crib about how we are being 'exploited' if we do not get an off on a national holiday. For the vegetable vendor down the lane, his presence itself would mean a lamp lit at home. If he earns his bread, he has his children smiling. Indeed, Diwali was never so bright for him.


We smile at the behest of these people-the jawans who have kept us safe from the hands of infiltrators, the fireworks maker who makes us smile as the rocket 'launches' from the terrace, the diya maker who lights our house even when he cannot afford to light his own.

Let's celebrate this Diwali, thanking all of them for their efforts in lighting our homes this festive season.


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