Attention ATM users! Take out money before 8 PM or you may get no money

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New Delhi, April 3: If you want to withdraw cash late in the night, then ATMs may soon start disappointing you as the government has decided to come up with new rules for replenishing ATMs with cash.

The government may soon come up with rules which may render thousands of ATM users craving for cash after late evening.

OMG! ATMs will have no money after 8 PM?
According to a report in ET, "The government is proposing that ATMs should not be replenished with cash after 8 PM in cities and private cash transportation agencies must collect cash from the banks in the first half of the day for replenishing ATMs.

Also, specially designed cash vans, fitted with CCTV and GPS, must not carry more than Rs 5 crore per trip. Two armed guards and driver in each van must be trained to "disengage with the situation and drive vehicle to safety" in case of an attack - these men at time of getting the job must produce two guarantors, one of them a government servant."

These are part of a new guidelines which the government is proposing as per the daily for "secured cash movement by leading private players in the industry."

The government proposal further states that cash replenishment agencies must collect it from the bank in the first half of the in urban centers across while for rural areas the deadline has been set at 5 PM and the deadline for Naxal-affected districts is 3 PM.

The ATM heist and loots are increasing day by day. The robbers and thieves not only loot ATMs in night but also in broad daylight.

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