Omar Abdullah wants grand alliance to win majority in Bihar elections

Posted By: PTI
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Srinagar, Nov 7: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday refused to comment on the exit polls for Bihar assembly elections but said he wants the Grand Alliance to win a thumping majority in the elections whose results would be announced on Sunday.

"As far as Bihar elections are concerned, I am equally keen to know the results. In fact, I have not been this keen to know the election results since my own elections last year. That should tell you just how important I feel these elections are," Omar told reporters here.

Omar wants grand alliance to win

Omar refused to given any credence to exit polls conducted by private TV channels saying they have got them wrong more often getting them right.

"As far as the exit polls are concerned, I am amazed that channels are actually still doing exit polls because you guys have got them wrong more times than you got them right. The spread in terms of what to expect from these exit polls is quite amazing.

"As far as I am concerned, the only exit poll that matters is the exit poll that will start about 8.00 am tomorrow morning. By this time tomorrow everything will be clear," he said in response to a question by a reporter of a TV channel.

Omar said he wanted the Grand Alliance to win a thumping majority in Bihar elections. "I know what I want to see .. I am hoping that the alliance against the BJP wins and wins a thumping majority. What that will mean for the country, we will have to wait and see but I think it will be an important outcome," he said.

Asked about the presence of people from Bihar at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally here, Omar said "to get people to the rally became their compulsion.

"The situation was such that perhaps people would not come of their own will. They got people from Bihar, it is good but if they had to get them anyway, they should have held this rally 10 to 15 days earlier.

Perhaps, the presence of people from Bihar would have helped the BJP in Bihar elections. Their presence in the rally did not prove much beneficial to them (BJP)," he added.

Asked to comment on Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi's statement on his party's fight against RSS, the former chief minister said he had nothing to offer on it.

"Rahul Gandhi has given his point of view. Why should I feel the need to comment on it. The Congress' history vis a viz its fights against the RSS is there for everyone to see. I would neither add to it nor subtract from that," he added.


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