Nun rape: Was it stage managed to embarrass? CBI to find out

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Kolkata, March 18: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which will take over the investigation in the nun rape case, has its task cut out.

With so much time having gone by and the accused slipping out, the CBI has several jobs on hand before it could crack the case.


The handing over of the case to the CBI have several indicators. It is clearly an indicator that it is not just a case of rape, but there is a larger conspiracy behind it.

Moreover, the accused persons may have slipped out of the country and in such cases, the CBI would have a better jurisdiction over the state police.

The job ahead for the CBI:

While the primary case relating to the rape of the nun will feature in the investigation, there are various other aspects that could be connected to the case.

Based on several reports by the intelligence bureau and state police officials dealing with crimes against Christians, it has been found that some have been stage managed.

Some of the cases may well be politically motivated to embarrass a government, several state and central intelligence bureau reports have pointed.

An officer with the intelligence bureau informed Oneindia that there have been attempts made to deliberately embarrass the government.

We have seen such instances taking place in several states where rivals tend to stage manage incidents in a bid to show the government in poor light.

It has been happening for several years, the officer informed.

The CBI apart from the main case will also have to probe the motive behind the incident. The state of West Bengal felt that since it involves multiple angles it is best that a centralized agency probed the case.

Finding the culprits:

To find out the motive behind the incident, the CBI will first have to lay their hands on the culprits. The accused who had committed the rape were at the spot for nearly an hour.

The West Bengal state intelligence unit had indicated that they could have boarded a train to Bangladesh after the incident.

It is clear that they were trying to destroy some evidence as they stayed on at the crime scene for nearly an hour.

However, reports by the West Bengal state IB also point to the fact that the accused may have slipped out.

Officers say that slipping into Bangladesh is a possibility but there is every chance of them seeking refuge in other states as well.

Further it has also been found that none of the accused came to the crime scene in a vehicle. They wanted to avoid being tracked and hence intentionally did not use a vehicle.

The CBI will work with the help of these inputs and track down the culprits with the help of either the Bangladesh police or the cops in the neighbouring states.

An officer with the CBI says that while they would rely on the investigation conducted so far by the West Bengal police, they would ideally need to start from scratch.

The CBI team would first meet with the investigating officers in the state of West Bengal and then take the probe forward.

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