Note Ban: RBI issues advisory, asks banks not to entertain gossip

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New Delhi, Dec 2: The rumour mongers are having a field day as they are spreading "lies" about demonetisation on social media.

Reports say, these rumours are often taken seriously by many and some bank personnel have also fallen prey to gossips.


On Thursday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) asked banks not to believe social media gossip that's creating confusion in the minds of the people.

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The central bank issued an advisory asking banks not to rely on unsecured or unofficial channels such as social media for information.

"In the wake of the withdrawal of legal tender character from the Specified Bank Notes (SNBs), Reserve Bank of India has been, from time to time, issuing instructions to the banks through the website of RBI ( and official mail. It has been reported that certain guidelines/instructions purported to be issued by RBI are being circulated in the social media by some unscrupulous elements creating confusion in the minds of the public/ bank personnel. Banks are, therefore, cautioned to abide by only those instructions which are either uploaded on our website ( or mailed through the official mail," said the advisory.

The RBI also dispelled rumours regarding fake Rs 10 coins circulating in the market.

"It has been reported that some less-informed or uninformed persons who suspect the genuineness of such coins are creating doubts in the minds of ordinary people including traders, shopkeepers, etc, impeding the circulation of these coins in certain pockets of the country causing avoidable confusion."

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