No special operation to nab Chhota Rajan, a red corner notice was executed

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New Delhi, Oct 28: The arrest of Chhota Rajan in Indonesia, Bali was a straight forward case of a red corner alert being executed by the Interpol. Reports that a control room was set up to monitor the operation are not correct, sources say.

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There was a red corner alert issued against Rajan several years back and the same was executed the moment he came on the radar of the Interpol.

No special operation to nab Chhota Rajan

Senior journalist and an expert on Internal Security, Shishir Gupta speaks with OneIndia about the arrest of Chhota Rajan and also what it means to India.

No Zero Dark Thirty Operation:

Shishir Gupta says that it was a straight forward case. Rajan has been on the radar of the Indian agencies for sometime now. There was a red corner alert that was issued against him several years back, which meant that the Interpol was tracking him.

Rajan who was in Australia came under the radar of the Interpol over there. He realized that his cover was blown and decided to land in Bali, Indonesia and take shelter.

However he was tracked and arrested on his arrival at Bali. It is completely wrong to say that there was a control room which was monitoring the situation and tracking Rajan. This was not some Zero Dark Thirty like operation, Gupta also adds.

Was he brought down to track Dawood?
Gupta adds that what Rajan knows about Dawood Ibrahim, everyone in the Indian establishment already knows. Rajan was largely out of touch and does not have any fresh information about Dawood.

Hence to say that he was brought down to track Dawood is something that I do not agree with.
From Rajan the Indian police will look to solve a lot of cases that he is wanted in.

He will provide the police with an understanding to the underworld in Mumbai. However I feel that the information that he would have may not be much since he has been away for a very long time. As I pointed out earlier he was on the wanted list and this was a case of a red corner alert being executed, Gupta also adds.

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