NIA lists out preachers who reportedly influence terrorists

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New Delhi, Aug 1: The government of India has seriously started looking into the role of preachers who end up influencing people to take up terrorism. The likes of Anjem Choudhary, Hamza Yusuf, Imran Mansoor among others have played a major role in the lives of several people who have ended up treading the path of terror.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is probing several cases relating to the ISIS in India has narrated how preachers have played a role. It has listed out the names of several such preachers in its chargesheet and spoken about the influence they have had on the youth. The NIA however, does not name these preachers as accused in the case.

Several preachers influence terrorists

The role of the preacher

If one listens to the speeches of these preachers, they do not directly ask you to join a terror outfit. They insist that America is the biggest terrorist and one must support any group fighting that country. They speak about the importance of Islam in liberating the world from the non-believers.

There are also another lot of them who speak a bit more directly. They appreciate groups such as the ISIS or the al-Qaeda and explain why their battle is so important. They speak about giving up the good life and dedicating their life to the cause of Islam.

NIA officials tell OneIndia that almost all those persons they have arrested in connection with the ISIS related case have been inspired by such preachers.

They would listen to these speeches and share among each other. They would post these speeches on their social media accounts.

The NIA makes a mention of one operative, Mohammad Furhan. The NIA says that he was highly influenced by Choudhary and after listening to his speeches he decided to join the ISIS.

The NIA says that is it difficult to crack down on such material which is easily available on the internet. However, the elders in the community could play a much bigger role to speak to their children from a young age that the Islam being preached by such persons is not right, the officer also states.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that blocking sites does not work all the time. "If we block one site another crops up. Even if such content has to go from the Internet, it cannot be done by one nation alone. It would require a global effort," officials say.

A list of those inspired by Zakir Naik

In another development security agencies have drawn up a list of 55 terror accused who are said to have been inspired by controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

The list has been drawn up on the basis of investigation and interrogation of various terror accused who were said to be inspired by Naik.

Most of these accused are part of the SIMI, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Indian Mujahideen and the ISIS. Security agencies are filing a report on Naik following a Home Ministry directive. His past cases and the details of the probes will also form part of the report.

In addition to this, the security agencies are examining legal options.

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