Space War: NASA's Curiosity beats India's MOM while at work on Mars

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Washington, Sept 26: Just a day after Mangalyaan began its work, NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover hastened itself to send interesting images of the Red Planet -- Mars. After clicking a picture on the Martian surface that resembles a "traffic signal", the Curiosity now sent an image of a ball on Mars's surface.

According to media reports, Curiosity spotted a weird ball. Initially, it was believed that it was a something like an old cannonball or possibly a dirty golf ball. However, later it came to light that it was nothing but a spherical Mars rock.

Earlier it was reported that NASA's Curiosity captured the "traffic signal" which was spotted by a British UFO enthusiast named Joseph White. He was quoted as saying, "I have been following the images from NASA since the start and I flick through them on the NASA website every day."

"I saw this one and I thought 'Hang on, that looks a bit strange," he added while concluding his statement. Earlier on Thursday, Mangalyaan sent picture Mars surface. India's Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released the pictures.

In an official statement, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said, "We have received five pictures and these are under processing." The robotic satellite, which entered Mars's orbit on Wednesday, will also study the Red Planet's atmosphere.

On Friday, ISRO sent a few more pictures sent by Mangalyaan. ISRO tweeted another photo depicting the curving, orange-brown limb of Mars against the blackness of space.

"A shot of Martian atmosphere. I'm getting better at it. No pressure," ISRO officials tweeted about that one.

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