MP Nalin Kateel's studied silence in RTI activist Baliga murder is conspicuous

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Mangaluru/Bengaluru, June 1: Murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga on March 21 and subsequent developments have certainly shocked the public, given the alleged involvement of founder of NaMo Brigade and current Yuva Brigade Naresh Shenoy along with his close aides.

But what people have forgotten in the rush of taking about Naresh is 'alleged involvement of Shailesh in the murder. Two aspects in this case require a thorough analysis. Arrest of Shailesh by the Mangaluru cops or alleged involvement of Shailesh and silence of Dakshina Kannada, Member of Parliament (MP) Nalin Kumar Kateel.

Nalin Kateel

However, in a fresh development, on Wednesday, June 1, hearing of Naresh Shenoy's Anticipatory Bail has been deferred to June 6. The hearing came before single bench of the High Court of Karnataka. Justice K N Phaneendra posted the matter to Monday. Naresh had applied for Anticipatory Bail on May 4.

Driver Shailesh

According to sources in the BJP, Shailesh was a car driver of MP Nalin Kumar. Following the murder of Vinayak Baliga, who in his middle age was fighting for justice in many cases, the MP did not bothered to visit the house or the family of Baliga, which could be seen as a strange move by the former. Besides, there were no strong statements issued by the MP on the dastardly killing of Baliga. It is responsible of the MP of the constituency to visit victim's family and work on delivering justice.

Nalin Kumar Kateel, it appears, maintained a studied silence in connection to Baliga murder case. And this silence is conspicuous. The OneIndia has been producing series of investigative stories on this case. It has to be noted that after this news portal picked up the name of Shailesh in the case, the police issued look out notice for same, later nabbing Shailesh who was on the run.

Top sources in the BJP say, a large section of cadre within the BJP has been disappointed by the move adopted by Nalin Kumar Kateel in this case. The sources said, Nalin Kumar and Naresh Shenoy enjoyed close acquaintance. In fact during 2014, it was due to Naresh Shenoy's NaMo Brigade's campaign, Nalin emerged victories. In conversation with this portal, Mentor of Yuva Brigade Chakravarty Sulibele had said earlier that Nalin Kumar won elections due to NaMo Brigade.

Naresh Shenoy belongs to GSB (Gouda Saraswat Brahmin) community. It has to be stressed here, Vinayak Baliga had registered a case in a district court in Mangaluru in which he alleged swindling of temple money. Baliga was a pious devotee of Venkataramana temple and he wanted the streamlining of funds flowing in to the temple. Baliga's murder occurred before a few days of hearing of the case which he filed in a court.

MP visited Haridwar along with Naresh Shenoy

The sources in the GSB community revealed that Nalin Kumar Kateel visited Kashi Math at Haridwar along with man in question at present, Naresh Shenoy. MP visited the place when seer Samyamindra was anointed as the head of the Math (Mathadipathi).

Nalin Kateel

Multiple GSB community members tell in rarest of the rare cases, a person from outside the community visits the Math during anointment process that took place almost 4-5 months back. Nalin Kateel's is one such case. For entry of member from outside the community (Nalin hails from Bunt community) he has to enjoy strong bond with a powerful or popular member of community, which he enjoyed with Naresh Shenoy.

After the visit, photographs of Nalin Kumar Kateel figuring with Naresh and seer Samyamindra have been circulated in GSB community Whatsapp groups saying "Tho Amgele" (he is ours). This explains the gravity of relationship Naresh enjoyed with Nalin, sources added

Chakravarty Suibele's #StandwithNaresh campaign

Alongside, Mentor of Yuva Brigade and another close friend of Naresh Shenoy, Chakravarty Sulibele had kicked of a campaign called #StandwithNaresh Shenoy after Naresh went into hiding. Sulibele who enjoys great support among Hindus across Karnataka thinks Naresh is innocent. However a section of the Sangh Parivar in Mangaluru is of the opinion that Sulibele must not have defended Naresh, which in long run dent his image.

Former Union Minister Poojary's silence

Former Union Minister Janardhan Poojary has also not issued strong statements in this case. Poojary in the state is quite popular after successive poll debacles only for his frequent press meets. But in this case, he hardly gave vociferous statements and there were not much press meets held to stress on this case. Poojary owes an answer for this move, say general public.

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