Mera Muh Kala: Hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani blackens her face, says PM should speak up

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Mumbai, Oct 16: Celebrity hairstylist and Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sapna Bhavnani, who is known for speaking has now done something which might most of her fans.

She posted her selfie with her blackened face on Facebook.

When a hairstylist blackened her face.
While putting the image on social media she says, she is ashamed of what is happening in her country and also says that even "my prime minister is silent when he needs should speak up."

Read her full Facebook post here:

"My ancestors migrated from Pakistan post Partition in 1947. My grandfather pursued his law career in Bombay (yes cause that's what it was called then.) and became very successful. His brothers too thrived as builders and restauranteurs.

My papa was born in Pakistan. This makes me and my brothers first generation "Indians" or "maharastrians." Both are just words as far as I'm concerned. ..

I have struggled very hard to be where I am today, I pay my taxes (fuckloads of them) and see my tax monies do nothing for me. I keep quiet most of the time because I think it's pointless to talk politics and unnecessarily aggravate myself for no results. People say "they are uneducated ..let them be.." but if that is true then what do "the educated" do?? remain silent and let this happen???

Today, I am ashamed as a human of this world to see what is happening in my(for lack of a better word) country. My prime minister is silent when he needs to fucking speak up. I am ashamed of our behavior.

Mera Muh Kala (my face is black) cuz I come from these parts and have been silent. I am aware of the consequences of this post. I am aware that it might bring damage to me or my salon. But it is time to speak up.

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