Media glamorises rape, says Pankaja Munde

Posted By: PTI
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Mumbai, Sept 23: Maharashtra Rural Development minister Pankaja Munde today opined that media should not give "excessive" coverage to crime against women as it instils "energy" and "pleasure" among people with a criminal mindset to try "something new."

Munde, speaking to reporters here, also said that media should understand news that tends to glamorise criminals and makes them feel like a hero.

Media glamorises rape: Pankaja Munde

"For how long can we ensure safety of women when the criminal mindset of people in the society is only increasing? The overall condition of women, as they are being perceived is going from bad to worse. Small girls and even boys are not safe anymore," Munde said.

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While highlighting a recent incident, she said that in her constituency, a shameful act of a father raping his own daughter had come to light.

"When a biological father can do this, how bad can it get now? I believe that such news should not be given excessive coverage as it inculcates a feeling of heroism among people who already have a criminal mindset. It gives them a kind of energy and pleasure to try something new and they commit such crimes," she said.

Munde further said that sensitivity of certain cases should be taken care of before reporting news. She also said that the state government will further strengthen law which deals with crime against women.

"Media should realise which news tends to glamorise criminals and should refrain from giving excess coverage to such incidents," Munde said.

Latching out at the opportunity to pin down Munde, opposition Congress and the NCP termed her statements as "immature" and said that her statements should be condemned by all women.


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