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Mann Ki Baat 'Voice is mine, but spirit of the show is of the people', says PM Modi


New Delhi, Nov 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his thoughts with the people in India and abroad in his Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio at 11 AM today.

Mann Ki Baat: Modi to deliver 50th episode at 11 am today

It will be the 50th episode of the monthly programme. It will be broadcast on the entire network of AIR and Doordarshan.

The programme that was started in October 2014, months after the Modi government assumed office, is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month and has covered a gamut of issues from drug abuse to the government's ambitious Swachhta programme.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

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11:37 AM, 25 Nov
My dear countrymen, we shall meet once again in next episode after this 50th episode of Mann Ki Baat
11:36 AM, 25 Nov
Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Prakash Parv will be celebrated in a similar manner in all the countries of the world as well
11:36 AM, 25 Nov
My dear countrymen, two days back on 23rd November, we all celebrated Shri Guru Nana Dev Jayanti and next year in 2019 we shall be celebrating his 550th Prakash Parv
11:35 AM, 25 Nov
My dear countrymen, while talking about Constituent Assembly, contribution of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar cannot be forgotten who played pivotal role in Constituent Assembly
11:35 AM, 25 Nov
In the year 2020, we shall complete 70 years as a Republic and in 2022, we shall enter 75th year of our Independence
11:35 AM, 25 Nov
The unique point in our Constitution is that the rights and duties have been very comprehensively detailed. A balance between these two in the lives of our citizens will take our nation forward
11:35 AM, 25 Nov
Tomorrow is Constitution Day. Our Constitution was adopted on 26th November, 1949. The Constituent Assembly took 2 years 11 months and 17 days to accomplish this stupendous task of drafting Constitution
11:24 AM, 25 Nov
We feel that the youths are very ambitious today and they plan big. I feel it is good, dream big and achieve bigger successes; after all, this is “the New India”
11:23 AM, 25 Nov
Communication will be more effective if we “accept” instead of “expect” and “discuss” instead of “dismiss”. My effort is to have continuous dialogue with youth in various programmes or through social media
11:21 AM, 25 Nov
Today’s youths have this special quality that they won’t do anything which they do not believe themselves and whenever they believe in something, they follow that leaving everything else
11:19 AM, 25 Nov
Many issues raised in Mann Ki Baat have been adopted by media. Cleanliness, Road safety, drugs free India, selfie with daughter taken up by the media and turn into campaigns
11:18 AM, 25 Nov
Team from All India Radio prepares each episode for broadcast in a number of regional languages. Some of them very aptly narrate in a voice and style resembling that of Modi’s. In this way for those 30 minutes they become Narendra Modi
11:17 AM, 25 Nov
I also thank my colleagues from All India Radio, FM Radio, Doordarshan, other TV Channels and the Social Media. It is due to their hard work that Mann Ki Baat reaches maximum number of people.
11:16 AM, 25 Nov
MannKiBaat carries my voice but examples, emotions and spirit represent my countrymen. There are lakhs of persons whose names I have not been able to include in Mann Ki Baat but without any disappointment, they continue to send in their letters and comments.
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
Mann Ki Baat is very simple task for me. Every time before #MannKiBaat, letters are received from people sharing their ideas and view points on #MyGov and #NarendraModiMobileApp and people record messages in their own voice on toll free number – 1800117800.
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
Most people believe that greatest contribution of ‘#MannKiBaat’ has been enhancement of feeling of positivity in our society. Medium of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ has promoted many mass revolutions. #IndiaPositive has been subject of quite extensive discussion.
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
Biggest achievement of 50 episodes of #MannKiBaat is that one feels like talking to close acquaintance and not to Prime Minister, and this is true democracy.
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
Who would have imagined that small campaign “selfie with daughter” starting from small village in Haryana would spread not only throughout country but also across other countries as well: PM
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
For ensuring bright future for a country such as India, it is our collective responsibility to acknowledge and honour common man’s talent and deeds and #MannKiBaat is humble and modest effort in this direction.
11:14 AM, 25 Nov
When #MannKiBaat commenced, I had firmly decided that it would carry nothing political, or any praise for Govt, nor Modi for that matter anywhere. Modi may come and go, but this country will never let go of its UNITY & permanence, our culture will always be immortal.
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
Some young friends attempted study over many episodes of ‘#MannKiBaat’. They did analysis of all episodes to calculate frequency of occurrence of particular words; whether words that were oft-repeated! One of their findings was that, this programme remained apolitical.
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
People are connecting with this programme and ensuring their participation through T.V., FM Radio, Mobile, Internet, Facebook Live; along with periscope, through #NarendraModiApp too
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
Recently, All India Radio got a survey done on ‘Mann Ki Baat’. I came across some feedback that is very interesting. 70% of respondents on average happen to be listeners who regularly tune in to ‘’Mann Ki Baat’.
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
When I became Prime Minister, it was natural for me to turn towards strong, effective medium. And in 2014, when I took charge as Pradhan Sevak, Principal Servant, it was my wish to reach out to masses with glorious saga of our country’s unity.
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
In this age when Radio was fading into oblivion, why did Modi opt for airwaves? Let me quote incident: PM
11:13 AM, 25 Nov
Your letters and phone calls this time pertain mostly to these 50th episode. Most of them converge in asking shared question, Why their PM have chosen radio as medium to connect with his countrymen?: PM
11:12 AM, 25 Nov
If a leader has crores of listeners, what more does he need. A study found that it has been non-political. Modi will come, Modi will go, but our country will remain Atal, our culture will remain eternal: PM Modi
11:12 AM, 25 Nov
On being asked why he chose radio for Mann ki Baat, Modi said: “While working as a BJP worker in Himachal in 1998, I stopped for tea at a dhaba. The person running the dhaba gave me sweets, surprising me. He said India has tested nuclear bomb and said he had heard on radio. Radio is the most extensive communication medium, probably has an impact unmatched by any other.”
11:10 AM, 25 Nov
Modi shareD his thoughts with the people of the country

The programme will also be streamed on the YouTube channels of the Prime Minister's Office, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, AIR and DD News. It will be simultaneously broadcast on AIR's website http://www.allindiaradio.gov.in.

All India Radio will broadcast the programme in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast.

The regional language versions will also be repeated at 8 PM.

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