Manipur attack: NSCN-K terror group aiming at Greater Nagaland

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New Delhi, June 8: The National Investigating Agency which took over the probe into the killing of 18 soldiers at Manipur will investigate the role of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang or the NSCN-K.

The attack on the army which is probably one of the biggest in the North East region was largely led by the NSCN-K. A major point to note here is that the NSCN-K has only grown stronger and with its various affiliates, it is turning out to be a dangerous outfit.

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NSCN-K group eyes Greater Nagaland

What is the NSCN-K?

Led by S S Khaplang, this outfit was formed on April 30 1988. It was the division of clans which led to the formation of this outfit in the first place. The NSCN-K strives to attain a Greater Nagaland which would have part of Myanmar in it.

The NSCN comprised two clans of the Nagas namely the Konyaks and the Tangkhuls. However there was a split in the outfit which led to the formation of the NSCN-K and the NSCN-IM. The NSCN-K was led by Khole Konyak and S S Khaplang while the NSCN-IM was headed by the Isak Chisi Swu and T Muivah.

Greater Nagaland

The primary objective of the NSCN-K is the establishment of a Greater Nagaland. In the eyes of the NSCN-K the establishment of a Greater Nagaland would comprise all Naga dominated areas including the contiguous areas in Myanmar.

The NSCN-K is considered to be extremely strong in eastern part of Nagaland. It also dominates in the Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

3000 member strength

The NSCN-K has a 3000 member group. They have thrived on the support they have been getting from various quarters in Myanmar and also locals in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

The headquarters of the NSCN-K is in Myanmar today. It says that it is running a government in exile from Myanmar. According to security officials in India, the government in exile is a full fledged one and even has a self styled Prime Minister and Minister for Home. It calls its government the People's Republic of Nagaland, NSCN-K.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the government in exile is heavily funded by foreign terrorist groups. It also carries out extortions to raise funds.

Myanmar help will be sought

For the NIA and the Intelligence Bureau, they would need the support of Myanmar in order to carry out this probe effectively. The NIA suspects that there were at least 70 members involved in the Manipur incident.

The incident was largely to send a message about their strength and also not try to meddle in local affairs.

All the members carry out an attack in India and then take shelter in Myanmar. In addition to this the NSCN-K needs to be tackled effectively as they are fast getting support from various other quarters.

One may get to see the coming together of all North Eastern state militant groups with the help of Bangladeshi groups in the days to come if the issue is not tackled effectively.

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