Manipur ambush: India-Myanmar launch offensive

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Bengaluru, June 9: The Indian army with the help of Myanmar has commenced a process to flush out the militants involved in the killing of 18 soldiers in Manipur last week. The army has learnt that most of the militants who had taken part in the attack had fled to Myanmar.

The Indian army carried out an operation along the Myanmar border in which it managed to neutralize several militants involved in the attack. The operation is likely to last for several days as it is believed that there were nearly 70 militants involved in the strike at Manipur which killed 18 soldiers.

Manipur ambush: India-Myanmar launch offensive.
With the help of logistics and cooperation with Myanmar, some of the militants involved in the Manipur attack are said to be neutralized sources tell Oneindia. India had requested Myanmar to help with the flushing out of the militants.

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Combined effort:

The security personnel in India had launched a massive operation to flush out the militants. The army has deployed at least a 100 men to carry out this operation which is being conducted on the forest region close to the Myanmar border.

With the help of aerial support, the Indian army has had some success in tracking the movement of the militants, but a large number of them had crossed over into Myanmar, sources informed.

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India had decided that this time around it would send across a very strong message to the militant groups which have taken shelter in Myanmar. India has requested Myanmar several times in the past to flush out these militants but there had been no effective measures.

This time around the Indian army and Myanmar would work in tandem with each other and would ensure that this is a start to finish operation. The Indian army would work extensively along the border areas while Myanmar would provide logistics regarding the movement of militants.

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