TMC mulling to take action against Mukul Roy by listing his misdeeds

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Kolkata, March 12: Did Mukul Roy reveal to the Central Bureau Investigation about the funding of the Trinamool Congress Party?

The CBI which has sought to know the income and expenditure of the TMC through donations and contruibutions says that it would await a response from the leadership before he makes its next move.

Mamata to list Mukul's misdeeds

However many within the TMC suspect that Roy could have given out the information as he was attempting to cozy up to the BJP. This has prompted party supremo Mamata Banerjee to draw up a document against Roy and issue him with a show cause notice.

Listing Mukul's misdeeds:

Ever since Mamata Banerjee propped up her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, Mukuk Roy has been disgruntled. It has become clear that it would be Abhisekh and not him who would have the bigger pie in the party.

While Mukul started to distance himself, the Saradha scam only added to the fire and the manner in which he spoke to the CBI has shocked many in the TMC. In addition to this he has been issuing veiled threats to the party and also some of his statements are a clear indicator that he is cozying up to the BJP.

Following the recent by-poll his statements to a television channel were surprising. Instead of speaking about the win of the TMC, he spoke about the increase in vote share for the BJP. Further the confirmation about the Mamata-Sudipta Sen meeting was another aspect that has miffed the leadership.

Mamata now wants her party men to prepare a document listing all the statements made by Roy against the party. The document would contain newspaper clippings, his statements during public meetings and also videos.

Mukul to be left dangling:
The TMC however is taking things one at a time. They would first prepare the document and then issue a show cause notice asking him why he should not be suspended or expelled from the party. They are fully aware that Mukul Roy will not respond to it as he already one foot out of the party.

The party has already made up its mind about Roy and knows that he has to go. However they want it to appear democratic in nature and hence they are going through an entire process before they could suspend or expel him from the party.

Sources say that while the TMC wants Roy out of the party, they still may not let him go so easily until the elections are complete. He can prove to be a headache for the TMC if he works against them especially in the rural belts.

Hence they may issue a suspension order and keep him dangling. Roy on the other hand too would be waiting for the TMC to throw him out so that he could ride the sympathy wave.

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