Kejriwal will get Z+ security whether he likes it or not

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New Delhi, Feb 11: The next bit of news that will make headlines for a while would be regarding the Z Plus security cover for Arvind Kejriwal.

Kumar Vishwas, leader of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), on Wednesday, Feb 11 said that in all probability, Kejriwal, the new Chief Minister of Delhi, will reject Z plus security.

Kejriwal will get Z+ security

While Kejriwal is at will reject the security cover, the fact remains that the cover will be in place whether he likes it or not. It is a cover given to the position and not the person say officials.

Same thing last time:

Last time when Kejriwal took over as Chief Minister, he had refused the Z plus security cover. However, the cover was still provided to him as the Ghaziabad police had said that it is their responsibility to protect the Chief Minister.

The Ghaziabad police says that this time too it would be the same. He would at the moment be guarded by 10 inspectors and 60 constables.

The Z plus cover will come into force when he moves into his official residence.

Kejriwal will get Z+ security

Home ministry has final say:

Kejriwal may refuse security, but the final say is not his. It is infact the Union Home Ministry which takes a final call on the matter.

The nature of security is gauged or analysed based on the security threat level. Although he is not in the hit list of any outfit including the naxals, there still could be some attempt made to either abduct of assassinate him.

The police say that the abduction or any other bid would be an attempt on the Chief Minister of Delhi and not on the person.

Since he is the Chief Minister in case of an abduction someone could claim a ransom, the officer also points out.

The officer also says that Kejriwal makes a lot of public appearances. He has the tendency of going before the public every now and then and this puts him under higher risk.

Cost of guarding Kejriwal:

There are four levels of security cover provided in India. It is Z, X, Y and Z Plus. Providing Z plus security costs the state Rs 10 crore a month while in the case of Z it is Rs 6 crore.

In the case of Kejriwal there would be 10 constables guarding his house. In addition to this 30 other personnel from various other forces would guard him round the clock.

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