Telangana vs Andhra Pradesh: KCR to expose Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada

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KCR and Chandrababu Naidu
Hyderabad, Nov 3: War between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh continues as the chief minister of Telangana -- K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) vowed to expose his counterpart in Andhra Pradesh -- Chandrababu Naidu.

While addressing the gathering after laying the foundation stone for comprehensive water project at Defence Colony in Malakagiri on Sunday, Nov 2, KCR chided that he would reveal Naidu's true colours to the citizens if he does not refrain from causing roadblocks in the development of Telangana.

KCR was quoted as saying, "I will fight for the people of Andhra Pradesh. If needed, I will hold a meeting in Vijayawada along with the people and reveal that he is fooling innocent people and has been lying all along."

KCR lashed out at Naidu for calling his government a visionless leadership leading to power crisis and water issues in the state. The Telangana CM said, "We are delivering our promises despite various hurdles. I have fulfilled our promise to waive loans of farmers, but his (Mr Naidu) government did not waive the loans of even 5,000 Dwcra group members."

'I will reveal that he is fooling innocent people and has been lying all along'

Accusing Naidu of creating hurdles for Telangana, KCR also said, "When we are stepping towards development, they (Telugu Desam) are causing roadblocks in supplying our share of power."

"He is planning to destroy the crops of Telangana. Even the Central government is supporting him. But, we will not let it happen. If need be, we will buy power at a price as high as Rs. 25 and supply it to the farmers and save our crops. It may take about seven months for solving the electricity problem in the state," added KCR.

Continuing his statement, the Telangana CM also added, "As promised, we will ensure that all genuine beneficiaries will get a two bedroom flat. Even those living in huts and makeshift houses will be given patta certificate. And at the same place we will build them a pucca house."

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