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'Karnataka elections a fight between Ram and Ravan', says Prathap Simha


The Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 is probably one of the most important events of the year. It is expected to be a hard fought battle and the BJP which is looking to take the state is leaving no stone unturned.

Prathap Simha

In the backdrop of the impressive Tripura win, the BJP is seeking to translate that energy to Karnataka. Every Karyakarta is a spokesperson of the BJP and he would go out of his way to help his leader says BJP, MP, Prathap Simha. In this interview with OneIndia, Prathap Simha discusses a variety of issues from the elections to the Karnataka flag to the proposed railway line in Kodagu.

How is BJP taking the battle against Siddaramaiah?

To take on a Ravan it needed a Ram. The campaign has picked up once Narendra Modi and Amit Shah came to the state. The Congress is facing this huge anti-incumbency factor and it needed to be capitalised.

Explain the Ram, Ravan factor a bit more.

When everyone realised that Ram could take on Ravan, they came in huge numbers and backed him. The same happened here in the case of Modi and Shah when all realised that only they could take on a Siddaramaiah. Just see how shaky, Siddaramaiah is after Modi and Shah took him on. It is showing clearly on the ground.

What bearing has the Tripura verdict had on the Karnataka polls?

Tripura has had a huge bearing. From a zero to forming the government with a full majority, it has done a world of good for the BJP. It proves that our leaders have such power and strength. What it has done it has rejuvenated our workers. Our workers will put in their 100 per cent to ensure that the leaders are not let down.

How are your workers convincing the voter?

We convince the voters intellectually. We have decided not to take the Congress line where the voter is convinced through alcohol.

Can you speak about the Karnataka flag? Will it give the Congress a boost?

I don't think it would give the Congress a boost. There is already a flag. What was the need of redesigning it? If Siddaramaiah has such love for Karnataka where is the need of this gimmick. Another point is where was the need for it to be sent to the Centre? It needs to be adopted by the state and how can they ask the Centre for approval. Siddaramaiah is a lawyer and he does not know that? He has only dubious intentions.

What about the proposed railway line to Kodagu?

It was something that was proposed in 2012-13. It was proposed by Kerala and Karnataka was asked whether it could be done. This in fact has not come up before the Centre at all. It is not even before the Railway Board. I have been reading reports that the project has been scrapped. Where is the question of scrapping it when it was not approved in the first place.

Karnataka Assembly Election dates
Date of notification April 17
Last date to file nominations April 24
Last date to withdraw nominations April 27
Date of polling May 12
Date of counting May 15

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