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Jobs a concern, but do people vote on this issue!


New Delhi, Apr 09: Better employment opportunities is the top priority for the voter in every state, multiple surveys have shown. At least 40 per cent or more respondents in state wise surveys that have been conducted have said that jobs is the main issue for them.

The Association for Democratic Reforms has conducted state-wide surveys and the respondents of almost all the states have said that they are expecting better employment opportunities.

Jobs a concern, but do people vote on this issue!

While this remains the primary concern, the big question is will the Indian voter, vote on the issue of jobs? The opposition is already making it a big issue and it would one of the major rallying points during the campaign.

A leaked official report, that was denied by the government showed that India's unemployment rate stood at 6.1 per cent. The opposition says that in 2014, Narendra Modi had promised the creation of 2 crore jobs annually, but failed to deliver.

Jobs, health care, law and order: UP voters give government a thumbs down

The question is when people go out to vote, will the issue of jobs be on their mind. Elections in the past have shown that India has traditionally voted on caste, community, class, religious and political lines. Further, the voters are also aware of the fact that creating jobs for any party has been a Herculean task. Hence they have most of the time gone with a candidate from either their caste or community, expecting he or she would do good for them.

Jobs a concern, but do people vote on this issue!

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