Jallikattu violence: ‘It’s an ISI-funded agitation’ alleges Subramanian Swamy

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On a day when Chennai came to a standstill owing to widespread violence on its streets, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Subramanian Swamy claimed that the ISI had a role to play in Monday's violence. Speaking to a media house in the aftermath of the arson and violence in Chennai, the BJP MP claimed that the Jallikattu movement had turned into an 'ISI-financed agitation'.

"The genuine protesters have already left Marina. Those left behind are holding posters of Prabhakaran (former LTTE chief) and Hafiz Sayeed's posters. This is now an ISI-funded agitation," he claimed on the show.

Subramanian Swamy

Earlier in the day, Swamy took to Twitter to bash some agitators calling them 'porkis', 'naxals', 'elis', 'jehadis', 'secessionists'. While social media erupted over alleged vandalism and violence by police, Swamy hailed police crackdown on the protesters. Swamy claimed that the movement for Jallikattu had been hijacked by anti-national and anti-social elements and Monday's violence was a result of the same.

He even sought for President's rule and suggested that the Tamil Nadu government ask for CRPF to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, the Chennai police refused to put a tag on those arrested for vandalism but maintained that investigations will reveal more. "Yes, there were people doing and saying anti-social and anti-national activities at the Marina Beach. They were warned multiple times, we used the student volunteers to vacate them since they were diverting the purpose of the gathering. The police will not alienate anyone but will investigate thoroughly," said a senior officer in Chennai.

Allegations of police vandalising property and indulging in violence flew high and thick with photos and videos supporting the claims going viral. The commissioner of police in Chennai claimed that the videos may have been doctored but promised a probe into the same. "If any police personnel have been involved in vandalism, we will initiate action against them. There is no denying that those in the video are indeed policemen and they will be identified and punished. The situation was way beyond control but this is not justified," said an officer who didn't want to be named.

Sources from the police department also reveal that apart from the videos shot by journalists and citizens, police on the spot have recorded the events and the same are being scrutinised by specialised teams. "We have video recordings too but that will not be made public yet. We have gathered video evidence from social media, from other sources and have compiled our own recordings from day one as well. Now is the time for investigation,", an investigating officer said.

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