ISIS-returnee: NIA files case against Areef Majeed under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act

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Mumbai, Nov 28: The National Investigating Agency has registered a case under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against Areef Majeed who returned to India from Iraq after joining the ISIS. A First Information Report has also been filed.

Areef Majeed who returned to India six months after he left to allegedly fight alongside the ISIS has a bullet injury on him which the agencies believe was sustained while he was trying to escape.

ISIS-returnee: NIA files case against Areef Majeed under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act

Sources tell that the news of his rumoured death started to do the rounds when he managed to escape during an air strike and went completely off the radar.

During his questioning he is said to have confessed to being radicalised through the internet. The ISIS has nearly 20000 websites in various names aimed at radicalising youth through hardcore literature. Majeed is said to have gone through this process.

There were contact numbers provided to get in touch with and how to reach the Hind camp in Iraq. He along with three others had left to Iraq as pilgrims and disappeared after that.

During his questioning he said that he believed in the ISIS cause and felt very strongly about it. He felt that it was the only outfit which had shown intent to establish the caliphate. This is what attracted many. However once in Iraq it became extremely tough and odd jobs were assigned.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that they get to know the real picture of how terrible it is only when they reach there. They are unable to handle the pressure and get scared by the brutality. Efforts are always made to ensure that such persons return to India. The fact that the number of people seeking to join the ISIS has reduced to 20 compared to the 300 in September is testimony of the fact that the government has handled this situation right, the officer also informed.

NIA files FIR

The NIA which filed a First Information Report against Areef Majeed has done so under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

This is a clear indicator that they want to grill him further and show his arrest as the law mandates that a person cannot be detained without a case.

His questioning has been a mammoth task for both the IB and the NIA who are extracting details out of him. He continues to say he believed in the cause but was upset with the manner in which the ISIS was handling the issue. He also told the NIA that he moved to Turkey to seek medical help.

On the other hand he also says that he is remorseful and wanted to come back.

The agencies had been on his trail for sometime now. However he was being difficult as he was in two minds. At first he made it difficult but then later agreed to return.

He is also very concerned about his three other friends. He has however not given us all the details and he needs to be questioned further NIA officials also informed.

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