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ISI pays to wave ISIS flags in Jammu and Kashmir


Srinagar, June 19: There has been an uneasy calm in Kashmir with a flurry of incidents that have left the general public scared and uneasy. While there have been incidents in which mobile towers were targeted, the last two weeks have seen the gunning down of former militants.

Adding to all this are the incidents in which ISIS flags have been waved. Investigations that have been conducted into these ISIS flag waving incident have revealed that the ISI, Paksitan has been paying off youth to wave these flags.

ISI pays to wave ISIS flags in Kashmir

Paid to wave ISIS flags

Investigators have narrowed down on two youth believed to be behind these incidents. Two youth have been getting money from Pakistan and paying off youth to wave flags are select locations where there is public and media glare.

Flags have been waved during protests and also separatist meetings where there is a lot of public and media glare. The police are very clear when they say that the ISIS has not entered into Kashmir. There is enough intelligence to also suggest that Kashmir is not in the mind of the ISIS at least for now.

The police probing into these cases have however not revealed the amount that is being paid to wave these ISIS flags. Investigations are on at the moment and we will be able to get a correct picture of this soon, the officer informed OneIndia.

Why does Pakistan pay to wave ISIS flags?

For the ISI, the Kashmir issue is very close to its heart. Any sort of trouble or confusion in Kashmir is part of its agenda and basically what it intends to do is keep the pot boiling. It pays the separatists to ensure peace does not return. It also has appointed over a 1000 proxies (militants) to wage the Kashmir battle.

The waving of the ISIS flags is part of its latest agenda. It serves as a two edged sword for the ISI. Firstly when the public see an ISIS flag it creates a sense of fear. Further it also gives the impression that the dreaded ISIS has arrived in Kashmir.

The other part of the agenda is creating a diversion. The ISI has launched its proxies in the form of the Hizbul Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba into Kashmir to create havoc. While they continue to create havoc, a flag waving incident does cause a distraction among the investigating agencies who tend to divert from the Hizbul and chase a non-existent ISIS.

To a large extent the ISI has been successful in creating a diversion. After every major incident of terrorism in Kashmir in the recent past be it a killing or a protest, there have been incidents in which ISIS flags have been waved. Investigators tend to get confused and chase the flag incident instead of dealing with the real incident of terror.

ISI will protect you

The ISI also has another agenda in spreding a propaganda stating that the ISIS has arrived. The world knows how exactly the ISIS functions and their brutality knows no bounds.

The ISI wants to tell the people of Kashmir that the ISIS has entered and hence in order to be protected they should support groups such as the Hizbul or the Lashkar.

The Hizbul and the Lashkar have lost a considerable amount of local support in Kashmir and the ISI wants to earn this back.

By spreading a false propaganda that the most dreaded outfit in the world (ISIS) has entered Kashmir, it would try and ensure that the locals come out and support ISI sponsored groups in a bid to wade away the ISIS threat.

Indian Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that the propaganda of the ISI is clear. It wants to give an impression that Kashmir is at risk of being taken over by the ISIS. The ISI feels that the locals would look towards either the separatists or the Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups for protection against the ISIS.

Even recently there were a spate of directives that the Hizbul issued in Sopore which were very ISIS like orders. Instructing shop keepers not to sell cigarettes or telling petrol bunk owners not to fill fuel into cars from outside the state are all part of a larger agenda to make the people believe that the ISIS has come to Kashmir.

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