ISI moved Dawood Ibrahim 4 times in 5 months, IB learns

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ISI moved Dawood 4 times in 5 months?
There has been a lull in the activities of Dawood Ibrahim and what the Intelligence Bureau has been able to gather is that he has been moved by the ISI to different location at least four times in the past five months.

Dawood's drug syndicate has stopped operating

His drug syndicate which is being run by a team of 5,000 members has stopped operating for the past three days and agencies see this as an intentional ploy to avoid heat. Even his closest aide Chota Shakeel has gone under the blanket as per the directives of the ISI which has been making all arrangements to ensure that the Don is safe.

From Karachi to Bangladesh to Karachi in 15 days

In the month of May he was moved out of Karachi and kept at a safe hideout in North Wazirstan. The following month he was escorted to Bangladesh by officials of the ISI. However just 15 days later he was taken back to Karachi.

Shifted to North Waziristan but moved again after the US came into picture

He was once again moved to North Wazirstan but after the US came into the picture he was moved out of there. There was an attempt made to move him to the UAE, but that plan was dropped owing to a security risk. Today the ISI is trying to move him to either Thailand or Nairobi but with the interpol coming into the picture in a big way, that plan too has been kept on hold.

Dawood still an asset for ISI

Indian agencies say that for the ISI the safest bet would be to keep him either in Karachi or Islamabad under their nose. He is still a major asset to them and as per the latest deal he had even assured support to the Al-Qaeda which is looking to regain prominence against a cash-rich ISIS.‎

The Al-Qaeda will need money to battle in Afghanistan and even the ISI knows only Dawood can provide that kind of money to the Al-Qaeda if it needs to better the ISIS which has billions flowing in through the oil wells it controls.

India does realise that the only way to get Dawood out of favour with the ISI is to ensure that his financial wings are clipped.

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