Interview: Pathankot attack not a consequence of Modi's Lahore visit

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Pathankot, Jan 11: There is some amount of confusion that prevails whether the foreign secretaries would meet on January 15th or not.

The National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval indicated that there would be no talks unless Pakistan took concrete action against the perpetrators of the Pathankot terror attack.


Should India talk with Pakistan? Was the Pathankot a retaliation by the Jaish-e-Mohammad to Narendra Modi's Lahore visit? Heavens will not fall if the talks are postponed says former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay.

In this interview with OneIndia, Sahay says that it would be wrong to say that the Pathankot attack was a retaliation to Modi's Lahore visit because no one can plan such a coordinated action in less than a week.

Strategic analysts have gone on a rhetoric calling for talks with Pakistan to be called off. What are your views on this?

There is a lot of debate in the media about this issue. According to me whether talks should be held or not is not the issue here.

The issue is when should the talks be held. India wants action against those who staged the Pathankot attack. In this scenario, there is no harm in keeping the talks pending until Pakistan gives us a satisfactory response.

One must also note that on both sides the highest level of commitment has been made.

India says the probe must be satisfactory. What do you think is the exact level of satisfaction that India wants?

That would depend. It is hard to decide on the level of satisfaction. A detailed probe will have to take place. It is for the government to decide the level of satisfaction.

Elements in Pakistan do have this tendency to derail talks. How should one deal with it?

I personally believe that talks should not be hostages to these incidents. What is important is whether the governments are committed to the talks.

This time channels were opened and affirmations made at the highest level. It has been welcomed by both countries. Heavens won't fall if the talks are postponed.

You have an elected government on both sides and have given them the authority to run the government according to their vision, style and priority.

Do you think the Pathankot incident was a consequence of Narendra Modi's Lahore visit?

I beg to differ. There is no way that an operation of this nature could have been planned in such a short span of time.

Lastly do you think Pakistan will act against the Jaish-e-Mohammad?

Pakistan has given a public commitment. We need to see what they will do.

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