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Indian ISIS recruit Fahad Shaikh gives clarion call for recruitments


Bengaluru, July 21: There are various chilling messages relating to Indian fighters in the ISIS that have been posted by Magnet Gas. The account believed to be operated by Fahad Shaikh one of the four youth who had left their home town of Kalyan in Maharashtra last year to join the ISIS.

The messages aim at inviting more Indians on board the ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. Photographs of Indians on a boat have been posted on this account and verification being done by the Intelligence Bureau would show that this account is operated by Shaikh.

Indian ISIS member calls for recruitment

A recruitment call

While reading the messages, it becomes clear that Magnet Gas is boasting about the recruitments from India. He has put up photographs of several youth on a boat. Here are some of the messages that he has posted on his social media account on Monday which would give a better picture:

- "May this boat doesn't stop until it conquer whole of India from Mushrikeen. And we invite you to keep filling it." (https://twitter.com/cihadci2/status/623029061376442368)

-Abu qaqa al hindi a Mujhahid from india (https://twitter.com/cihadci2/status/623024459457384448)

-Indian media claims there are few indians in the rank of Islamic state .Many are killed among them. May ALLAH accept. (read here)

-Among them is the lion leader of former indian Mujhahideen group who was ighemasi in kobane.Abu Turaab al hindi (read here)

-Do any one Recognized anything .The latest hayat media Nasheed have a boatfull of Indians (read here)

A loud message

Fahad Shaikh was one of the four youth from Kalyan to have joined the ISIS. While one of his team mates was killed in Syria, the other, Areeb Majeed returned and was arrested by the National Investigating Agency.

Shaikh on his arrival at Syria was placed in the Hind camp and has been training since the past year. He has been active on the social media and his messages are a clear call for more recruitments from India.

He is an active tweeter and this is his 21st account in the past year. His account has been suspended 21 times in the past for extremely provocative messages.

His focus has largely been on the war in Syria. However what Shaikh aims at doing is inviting Indians over to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the ISIS. His account has various tweets and there are a couple of links on how simple preparations of explosives can be.

Only 17 Indians are with ISIS

The Indian Intelligence Bureau which has been tracking each of these accounts says that there are only 17 Indians who are fighting alongside the ISIS today.

The Home Ministry has drawn out a plan to prevent youth from leaving the country to join this terror outfit. There has been an entirely different approach by the Indian government in handling this problem.

Youth are being counseled and the elders roped in to speak sense into those youth who are attempting to join this outfit. However the social media has proved to be the most effective form for the ISIS to recruit the youth.

If one takes into account this particular tweet, it would give a fair indication of how much the ISIS or other terror groups love the social media and twitter in particular.

"Twitter become only social media through which Mujhahid get prison or Martyrdom.May ALLAH accept all of them. ‪#Don't stop #it's Truth" (read here)

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