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In pub capital Bengaluru, beer is bitter

By H S Shreyas

Bengaluru, Aug 1: Are you drinking a beer that has past its 'drink-by' date? Several complaints in Bengaluru have cropped up in this regard. The issue came to light when a regular beer drinker complained at least thrice last month that the taste of his beer was bitter.

He had ordered a Tuborg beer and found that the taste was bitter. He then tried a Kingfisher beer and the result was the same. At first he thought that it may be spurious liquor.


Mohammad Azar, said "I bought Tuborg beer from an MRP outlet in Bengaluru. Normally taste of the beer is sweet. But that day it was bitter. I had bought beer many times from the same store and this has happened thrice this month.

Azhar who also bought beer of Kingfisher brand from a bar and restaurant went through a similar experience. He informed OneIndia that Kingfisher tasted bitter than usual.

Another buyer, Sharmila said "I found the Tuborg beer bitter. The taste is usually sweet, but the beer I had tasted was bitter. This has happened to me several times. I am scared to drink the beer."

It has now come to light that wine shops and bars are selling beer that past its 'drink-by' date. The question is how do they manage to sell such beer and how do they hoodwink the excise department?

How bars and wine shops sell such beer

A wine shop owner from Mysuru explains how this is done. Nataraj, the owner of the liquor shop says that if an individual has two wine shops then he is able to do it easily. What the person does is he takes the beer that has not been sold and passed drink-by date to the other shop. In the other shop he would have the empty beer bottles which have been sold and those have not passed drink-by dates.

The empty bottles are then put into water and after a while the labels come off. These labels are then taken and stuck to the beer that has remained unsold and passed the drink-by date.

Beer is best had within six months from the manufacture date. However in many shops beer remains unsold and hence the owners resort to this tactic of sticking different drink-by labels on the unsold bottles. While the customer cannot make out whether the beer has passed its drink-by date, the taste however varies. After six months the beer tastes extremely bitter.

The shop owner explains that like other liquor, beer does not have a batch number. In bars and wine shops only the arrival date of beer is available to the excise department. Hence selling such beers is not that hard, Nataraj also adds.

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