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If Kulbhushan is a spy, then God bless ISI says former R&AW chief

By Vicky

Pakistan has tried its best to portray that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a spy. It has been putting out coerced statements in which it has been forcing Jadhav to confess that he is a spy.

Kulbhushan Jadhav

If one looks at the entire case in its entirety, then one could say that Pakistan needs to come up with a better story. Any intelligence agency worth its salt would never launch an operation such as this, says former Research and Analysis Wing chief, C D Sahay.

Who would launch a spy into Iran and then make him come back to meet his handlers? If that is the best story that the ISI can put out then God bless them says Sahay.

It is one of the most unbelievable stories that I have ever heard. Moreover if someone had to do something in Balochistan, then why would India send a naval commander. What does a navy officer have to do on the ground, asks Sahay. Is there a dearth of people and if Jadhav was indeed leading the operation, then what would he be doing on the field asks Sahay.

The games of spying have changed. If Pakistan claims that he was on a reconnaissance mission, then it is laughable. With the kind of technology available it is not necessary to launch someone on the ground for this operation. The satellite imagery is so good that one would not need someone on the ground for this sort of an operation that the ISI has claimed, the former R&AW chief says.

If Pakistan does stand by its claim, then why has it not not granted consular access as yet? Considering what they are saying is right, then why was consular access not given asks Sahay. If you do not have good relations with a country then there are ways of addressing the same. Putting someone on a death row and calling him a spy is not the way. You choose not to have good relations, then don't, but such despicable acts are not the solution, Sahay says.

In addition to what Sahay says, there are statements by leaders from Balochistan confirming that Jadhav is not a spy. He was clearly a businessman who was kidnapped by the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and then sold off to the ISI. This was a clear ploy by Pakistan to stage mange a case to make Indian look bad.

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